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Paris Hilton will rock the summer in Ibiza in 2014

paris hilton, dj, ibiza, dance, música, amnesiaThe multifaceted Paris Hilton is once again the story of the summer, but in 2014, which has already been hired to do, once again, of DJ at a famous nightclub on the island of Ibiza, after the success achieved on this August.


Bon Jovi will not charge for their concert in Madrid

Bon Jovi, music, rock, United States, New JerseyJon Bon Jovi and his band are touring Europe. One of the stops to make the American rock band will be in the capital of Spain. But the singer of New Jersey comes with a surprise that honor, even more, how committed they are to the current situation in the world.


The cultural and geographical ignorance about Spain of the writers of "How I Met Your Mother"

How I Met Your Mother, USA, CBS, television, seriesThe American television back to demonstrate its incivility, this time, on the hit show "How I Met Your Mother", to do a sketch about Spain and show the world the ignorance of the writers of the show, about what they know about this country . Absolutely nothing.


Spanish actress Sara Montiel dies at age 85

Sara Montiel, Spanish cinema, actress, singer, film, HollywoodSara Montiel, "Saritísima" Diva of Spanish cinema, died this morning at the age of 85 years at her home in Madrid (Spain) following a cardiac arrest. The doctors could do nothing for her life.


Justin Bieber in Spain, unpunctual and threatening

Justin Bieber, music, Pop, Believe, TourJustin Bieber was presented this week in Spain, in two concerts in Madrid and Barcelona, as part of his Believe Tour. As always madness has been unleashed in the streets and at their concerts but he, as a person, as his bodyguards are very poor in kindness.


Antonio Banderas, Favorite Son of Andalusia in 2013

Antonio Banderas, cinema, spanish cinema, Hollywood, 2013, Andalusia, Spain, MálagaAntonio Banderas just get one of the greatest gifts of his life, receiving the title of Favorite Son of Andalusia, his land of birth, in the year 2013 and it will be awarded on February 28, the day of Andalusia. A great credit for publicizing the name of the city of Malaga, Andalusia and Spain arround the world.


Will Smith takes Spanish TV show 'El Hormiguero' to U.S.

Will Smith, cinema, film, television, HollywoodSince Will Smith was the last time in Spain in the Spanish TV show "El Hormiguero" (The Anthill), he has many ideas that he has brought to the United States. Now he wants to realize the project being in contact with the U.S. television networks.


Alejandro Sanz fails in Twitter on the Spanish April's Fools' Day

Alejandro Sanz, music, pop music, SpainAlejandro Sanz has not been able to deceive the general public and his fans in particular on his Twitter account to post a joke on the Spanish April's Fools' Day. He himself wished to deny a joke that nobody has believed.


One Direction perform in Spain on October 31
The British-Irish boy band One Direction, heads to Spain to promote their second new studio album titled "Take Me Home" and acting in a single concert in Madrid in what will be the first time these guys step on Spanish soil.


Almeria celebrates Western Film Festival 2012 city of Almeria, Spain, celebrates the second edition of Almeria Western Film Festival in the desert of Tabernas. A festival which pays homage to westerns of all time and, also, that even today's films are shot all over the world and, though not enough, still have success on screen.


Begins International Film Festival of San Sebastian Sebastian again dressed up for such illustrious artists and film directors in the 60th edition of the International Film Festival where, as every year, will thrill curious, strange and jury generally with new films that come.


Penelope Cruz denies the statements published in the Italian newspaper "La Stampa" actress Penelope Cruz has had to come to pass remarks published in the Italian newspaper "La Stampa" which says in an interview that the actress wants to produce two films in Spain to work.


Venezuela treated as criminals to the Spanish group Sôber
Venezuela just an example of how not to treat a band or any type of person who wants to go to that country. The Spanish group Sôber is an example of group that has been treated foul by the Venezuelan authorities when they went to perform two concerts in that country.


The "intelligent" Charlize Theron ridicules "El Hormiguero" by Pablo Motos South African actress Charlize Theron walked around the set of  "El Hormiguero", a Spanish program private television, Antena 3, with actress Kristen Stewart to promote "Snow White and the legend of the hunter", in which the two are the protagonists of the tape. But his great "false" action has been made ​​known to harshly criticize "El Hormiguero" on American television.


Isabel Coixet pays tribute to the volunteers of the "Prestige" Catalan filmmaker, Isabel Coixet, made a documentary that leaves aside all the problems occurred related to Panamanian-flagged tanker "Prestige" and focus on those who left everything to save a land that is had been dyed black.


Rambo wants to be Santos Trinidad again the United States and Hollywood in particular in Spain is set to make a hit movie American style. This time it's Sylvester Stallone who has looked at the award-winning film "No habrá paz para los malvados" (No peace for the wicked).


Nominees Spanish Goya Awards 2012 learning who will present the Goya Awards Gala this year, now it know what the films nominated for the Academy of Motion to take one of the statuettes that will be deliveredFebruary 19 at the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Madrid. 


David Bustamante gives us his new album, "Mío" October 25, 2011 was released The seventh musical work of the spanish singer David Bustamante entitled "Mío" whose first single "Como tú ninguna" has had from the beginning, a host and a terrible and overwhelming success among fans and radios in Spain. An even more mature work that makes this singer Cantabrian follow on top of current music.