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Paris Hilton will rock the summer in Ibiza in 2014

paris hilton, dj, ibiza, dance, música, amnesiaThe multifaceted Paris Hilton is once again the story of the summer, but in 2014, which has already been hired to do, once again, of DJ at a famous nightclub on the island of Ibiza, after the success achieved on this August.


Pete Doherty suffers a bout of temporary amnesia Doherty has taken a shock to wake up one day and not remember where he was or who he was. It all happened when Doherty was in a train. Since then it has been worried that in the future, we don't see very far, something might happen.


George Michael suffered amnesia due to pneumonia late 2011, singer George Michael had to be admitted by emergency severe pneumonia at the Hospital of Vienna, has revealed he suffered several weeks of amnesia during their stay in hospital.