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Penelope Cruz could be the next "Bond girl"

Penelope Cruz, James Bond, cinema, Spain, actressMovements begin to look for actresses and actors to complete the list of artists that will appear in the next James Bond film. One of the candidates to win the coveted title as the "Bond girl" is actress Penelope Cruz.


Steven Spielberg will direct to Bradley Cooper in "American Sniper"

Bradley Cooper, Steven Spielberg, cinema, Hollywood, American Sniper, film, movies
Steven Spielberg will shoot a new film based on the life of the bloodiest seal of the army of the United States. The main character will be the actor Bradley Cooper that he has accepted without problems be under the orders of the director of "ET" or "Schindler's List".


Robert De Niro and Shia LaBeouf could be father and son in "Spy's Kid"

Robert de Niro, Shia LaBeouf, cinema, Hollywood, film, moviesRobert De Niro and Shia LaBeouf might become a father and son in a new spy movie titled "Spy's Kid" based on an article published in the major newspaper in Portland, Oregon.


Wesley Snipes signed for "The Expendables 3"

Wesley Snipes, cinema, Hollywood, The ExpendablesWesley Snipes has been the latest addition, for the moment, for the third part of "The Expendables" where he will join at familiar faces of Hollywood action movies. A good gift for good behavior.


Brad Pitt returns to World War II

Brad Pitt, actor, Hollywood, Angelina Jolie, cine, películasBrad Pitt will get into the role of a soldier of the Second World War in a new movie about this time. "Fury" recreate a real episode between members of the U.S. Army and the Nazi contingent.


Disney will release "Finding Nemo 2" in 2015

Finding Nemo, Nemo, Dory, Disney, Pixar, Hollywood, cartoons, cinema, film, moviesDisney and Pixar have released an official statement on the release of the second part of "Finding Nemo", which is expected to be in 2015. This time the main character of the movie will be one of the most charismatic of the original film.


Gerard Depardieu is Jules Rimet in film history of FIFA

Gerard Depardieu, France, Russia, cinema, Obelix, movies, filmGerard Depardieu has a new film project which will be in charge of playing Jules Rimet in the movie that will discuss the history of the International Football Federation (FIFA).


Sofia Vergara is again becoming the "Blonde Ambition"

Sofia Vergara, cinema, film, movies, television, Modern FamilySofia Vergara returns to her origins. Colombian actress has decided to dye her hair blonde, her natural color, and shows her long hair to all his followers. The summer is waiting her.


Lindsay Lohan escapes jail again

Lindsay Lohan, television, cinema, Hollywood, Los Angeles, New York, film, moviesActress Lindsay Lohan is back to escape from jail, yet again, after her lawyer has reached an agreement with the judge of a court in Los Angeles. Still, she has to meet a number of conditions that have been imposed mandatorily and she will have to meet if she doesn't wants jail time.


Universal denies that Emma Watson participates in "Fifty shades of Grey"

Emma Watson, cinema, Hollywood, Harry Potter, film, moviesUniversal Studios has had to deny urgently that actress Emma Watson will not star in the erotic trilogy "50 shades of Grey" after Anonymous had revealed that she would be present in them.


Mickey Mouse returns with short films for television

Mickey Mouse, cartoons, Disney, HollywoodMickey Mouse returns to television from his Clubhouse Disney with 19 shorts. Thus the most famous mouse of cartoon factory leaves his retirement in children's channels to return to the forefront of today in the XXI century.


Record "Toy Story" with actual figures and is a hit in Youtube

Disney, Pixar, cartoons, animation, Toy Story, Buzz Ligthyear, Buddy
It is said that truth is stranger than fiction and this time has been. Two young American filmmakers have taken two years to recreate the classic frame by frame animation of "Toy Story" and the result has been a complete success on the Internet in less than 24 hours.


Penelope Cruz, the new muse of Nespresso Cruz is not enough to have starred in the 2013 Campari calendar, to be the new face of Loewe, who also just joined the Nespresso brand campaign to become the new brand ambassador of coffee.


Sofia Vergara suffers theft of private photos
Actress Sofia Vergara has suffered Scarlett Johansson syndrome to be a victim of theft of intimate photos of her mobile. Sofia fears that these pictures can be sold online. Are investigating any alleged of the thief .


Hollywood is interested in the doping scandal of Lance Armstrong
The case of doping the American cyclist Lance Armstrong has revolutionized the world of cycling and, above all, the world in general where the show of support and outrage against the Athlete is not long in coming. In the same way that Hollywood has not waited and plans to make a biopic about the scandal of the cyclist.


Ashton Kutcher is looking for a girlfriend in an online dating site happy, or not, divorced Ashton Kutcher has decided that enough is enough of being single and has to work. The actor has decided to find a girlfriend on the internet, as they usually do some of the mortals of this world, see if you're lucky and find his soulmate.


"Extraterrestre" the new Spanish film by Nacho Vigalondo Spanish filmmaker Nacho Vigalondo presents his second feature film titled "Extraterrestre" (Alien) in which we have a real love affair with flying saucer included. A film of crazy and insane created and formed by an exceptional mind and at the same time, very mad that will not leave anyone indifferent.


Javier Bardem and Daniel Craig ¡caught! can see the first images of the actors Javier Bardem and Daniel Craig in what will be a new movie in the saga of Agent 007, James Bond, which is being shot in London and the cameras were able to capture some snapshots of the shoot.


Paul Walker ("The Fast and the Furious") signed for three films with Universal two are enough and three's a crowd that is not what to think about the American actor Paul Walker, star of the film series "The Fast and the Furious", has just signed three films with Universal, so it becomes in the cash cows of gold from Universal Pictures.


"The Scratist" parody-promotion of "Ice Age: Continental Drift" no two without three, the Ice Age animated series returns with its fourth installment titled "Ice Age: Continental Drift". For its new development has not been able to choose best-known character and unmistakable squirrel Scrat parodying the movie "The Artist".