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Ten years of Ibiza Global Radio

ibiza global radio, ibiza, radio, electronic musicOn Tuesday June 10 the island of Ibiza is decked. Ibiza Global Radio, the flagship for excellence in dance music in Ibiza, celebrate ten years old. And is that as things stand today, it is not easy to get to meet a decade of history in radio waves.


Ibiza Global Radio nominated at the International Dance Music Awards

International Dance Music Awards, IDMA, Miami, dance music, dance, music, awardsThe international radio of the magical island of Ibiza, Ibiza Global Radio, has been nominated along with other radio stations around the world, for the IDMA that held every year in Miami and reward the industry's best achievements in 2013.


Paris Hilton will rock the summer in Ibiza in 2014

paris hilton, dj, ibiza, dance, música, amnesiaThe multifaceted Paris Hilton is once again the story of the summer, but in 2014, which has already been hired to do, once again, of DJ at a famous nightclub on the island of Ibiza, after the success achieved on this August.


Elton John will present a new album of dance music John, tireless musical artist ever there is still news and on this occasion, very good news to post which will present a dance music album in Ibiza 123 festival to be held in early July.


Born a new music event in Ibiza: Ibiza 123 Rocktronic Festival
If the beaches of Ibiza and, above all, the beaches of San Antonio in particular are idyllic places as far as concerns sunsets and more so in regards to dance music, house and chill-out, now comes another reference and a musical mix concept, the "rocktronic" to be born in a new festival for the Ibizan landscape.