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Swedish police found drugs on a bus of Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, Believe, music, beliebersStockholm Swedish police, found drugs inside the bus of Canadian singer Justin Bieber in his tour of the capital of Sweden. Although the police have been unable to find any suspects, is another difficult situation for the teen idol.


Justin Bieber in Spain, unpunctual and threatening

Justin Bieber, music, Pop, Believe, TourJustin Bieber was presented this week in Spain, in two concerts in Madrid and Barcelona, as part of his Believe Tour. As always madness has been unleashed in the streets and at their concerts but he, as a person, as his bodyguards are very poor in kindness.


Noel Gallagher attacks Justin Bieber

Noel Gallagher, Oasis, musicNoel Gallagher wanted to give his critical view on the Canadian singer Justin Bieber and the delay of two hours he had in the first concert in London which has brought a barrage of criticism from the British media.


Justin Bieber hospitalized after running out of air at a concert in London

Justin Bieber, music, London, BelieveJustin Bieber had to be assisted by the medical services for respiratory problems that the singer suffered during his concert in London. In the break he had to administer oxygen but returned to the stage against the decision of the doctors.


Is Justin Bieber out of control?

Justin Bieber, music, 2013, Believe, BeliebersJustin Bieber seems to have forgotten that he is a singer who is a model for many teenagers around the world, continuing his life out of control. Some people say that it is due to lack of maturity and others say for his new companies. It is true that Justin Bieber has lost control of his life.


Charlie Sheen paid the funeral of paparazzi hit

Charlie Sheen, Hollywood, cinema, film, televisionCharlie Sheen wanted to show that in addition to being a controversial actor and always put in different situations captured by the cameras of the paparazzi, also he has a good heart and that is why wanted to prove paying the funeral of paparazzi died after being hit when the photographer going to take some pictures to Canadian singer Justin Bieber.


Justin Bieber photographed smoking marijuana

Justin Bieber, music, Believe, Believe AcousticThe year did not start too well for Justin Bieber because after being involved indirectly in the death of a paparazzi today have appeared some pictures of the singer allegedly smoking marijuana in a hotel room.


Justin Bieber new album released in January

Justin Bieber, Believe, music, beliebers, Believe AcousticJustin Bieber wants to end the year with a bang, and what better way that announcing the release of a new album by the end of January 2013. A twin brother of his album "Believe" but in acoustic.


They planned to castrate and kill Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, beliebers, Believe, musicThanks to the U.S. authorities have been able to thwart the possible kidnapping and murder of Justin Bieber. Although it sounds like a joke that was a pretty serious plot to castrate and kill the Canadian singer who, thankfully, has not been carried out.


Justin Bieber wants to be a big movie star Bieber wants to expand horizons. Besides being a singer with numerous hits and mass youth idol, Justin wants to become an actor, not any actor but a great movie star.


Justin Bieber visit to a fan who has cancer
Justin Bieber news again but this time for a good cause, really very good, if you can say this. The Canadian singer has taken time from his busy schedule to make a gesture that honors him, visit to a fan who has cancer.


Justin Bieber cheats his fans to promote his new music video
Justin Bieber has played with the sentiments of all his fans to simulate the theft of your laptop and personal files to promote her new music video from the album "Believe" published today in scoop and entitled "Beauty and a Beat".


Lady Gaga suffers "Justin Bieber Syndrome" at concert in Barcelona Gaga meets with the public in the city of Barcelona making excellent hang in a special concert in which there was no lack of anything between rhythm, dance, muscular dancers, flashing lights and colors, movements of the pop diva, but also Unfortunately there were occasional knew that Mother Monster solved without any problem.


Justin Bieber vomits on stage of his world tour
Justin Bieber has started his world tour in Glendale, Arizona, United States. But it started with a very good start for the Canadian singer who could not stand the excitement of all that was coming and ended up throwing up on stage in front of their altered and crazed fans.


The domain of women at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2012
The old continent receives again the biggest music event in the organization Franksfurt (Germany) of the 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards this year where the dominance of women in the nominations for the top categories is something very obvious.


Justin Bieber drives to 99 mph to escape the paparazzi Canadian singer Justin Bieber has been subpoenaed to testify when he was arrested by police in California highway while driving over 99 mph on a highway between Los Angeles and Santa Monica run, supposedly, of the paparazzi cameras.


Justin Bieber interrupted an interview to a humorous question about his mother Bieber makes it into trouble in a media and this time has been on a U.S. radio station and a program called Mojo in the morning presented by broadcaster Tom Carballo, to hang up the phone after a humorous question the presenter made ​​the singer.


New single from Justin Bieber, plagiarized from an old song by Michael Jackson
If everyone thought the only person who could discover plagiarism was Madonna against Lady Gaga, and she can make life miserable, you are all very wrong. Here is the Canadian singer Justin Bieber who with his new single plagiarizes dramatically to an old song by Michael Jackson when he was still a teenager.


Justin Bieber causes chaos "teenager" in Norway Bieber is in Norway for a concert in "Around the World", a TV special where it recorded the singer at a concert in the city of Oslo, Norway. Furthermore, as has been reported on Twitter, the concert will be free.


Justin Bieber punches a photographer
According to published news site TMZ Justin Bieber fist is bundled with a photographer when he wanted to take some pictures of the Canadian singer and HIS fiancee, actress Selena Gomez at the time when both went to see a movie at a cinema in Calabasas in the state of California.