Justin Bieber in Spain, unpunctual and threatening

Justin Bieber, music, Pop, Believe, TourJustin Bieber was presented this week in Spain, in two concerts in Madrid and Barcelona, as part of his Believe Tour. As always madness has been unleashed in the streets and at their concerts but he, as a person, as his bodyguards are very poor in kindness.

On Thursday March 14 Justin Bieber was performing in Madrid and Saturday March 16 did the same in Barcelona. The madness of the Canadian singer's fans was the same in both cities. The action of light and color, and dance performance was the same in the two cities. But his character and of his "gorilla" changed radically from one city to another. Something that has led, once again, a barrage of criticism of Canadian singer, in particular, and organization of the concerts.

Justin Bieber, music, Pop, Believe, Tour
As usually done at every concert, Justin Bieber down to the stage wich winged angel painted by Italian Renaissance painter Michelangelo. Fireworks, dancers everywhere, endless pirouettes and his most successful songs blaring from the speakers. To continue to the delight of his fans, Bieber was repeatedly shirtless showing his tattoos. But his sweet angel figure fades until it disappears and appears "bad boy" who he has inside.

Since January, the singer is not having a good year, but this March is the black month of the Canadian singer par excellence. In the first London concert, Bieber started two hours late, making his fans wait, because he was playing video games. Something that apparently did not matter at all to his followers. In his second concert, he had to be admitted to hospital for short of breath while performing. Something that we believe very little. In the departure of the hospital he had several discussions with journalists who were waiting for him. So he would not be very sick. After one of his concerts canceled in Portugal. He says he put the sign "sold out", others doubt it.

In Spain has returned to do his thing. Before his concert in Madrid, where he was delayed 40 minutes to go on stage, Justin behaved fairly well. He was shopping in the boutiques of the city, they said that he was playing basketball with strangers and enjoying a night at the club Kapital. Barcelona it has been the opposite. Besides delayed him 50 minutes to start the concert, the singer in this city shuns the media and not be photographed. Something that does not sit well among the press who tried unsuccessfully to photograph the teen idol as he left the hotel. There the singer's private security was responsible for maintaining the distances to the paparazzi cameras threatening to seize and break them.

Justin Bieber, music, Pop, Believe, Tour

It seems that Justin Bieber the success up to the head too soon, however much you try to make good boy visiting his sick followers or some other charity concert, the image of "bad guy" is accompanying him since started the year and before. We must remind you that this guy has the success he has for his fans, which should set an example and he does not. We must remind him that he came out of a few videos that his mother upload to Youtube and hence became famous around the world, namely, that this child comes from nothing. But that seems to be forgotten and become the child prefers to be pimp with his new rappers friends and makes parties where alcohol and marijuana is the party menu.

The fans have also partly to blame for what is becoming the singer, and you could help Bieber goes on track and corrected everything that he is doing wrong. The consequences are paid and eventually the darling of pop music may end up in oblivion. It is when he can not stand this situation and he will try to be a protagonist in a story, no matter how. We've seen it in other artists that are now forgotten. Justin Bieber is still time to reconsider if he wants to become in a broken doll of the music.

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