Will Smith takes Spanish TV show 'El Hormiguero' to U.S.

Will Smith, cinema, film, television, HollywoodSince Will Smith was the last time in Spain in the Spanish TV show "El Hormiguero" (The Anthill), he has many ideas that he has brought to the United States. Now he wants to realize the project being in contact with the U.S. television networks.

Will Smith feels in Spain like at his own home. Thus he implies every time he that comes back to Spanish TV show "El Hormiguero" and he finds with the show's host and his good friend Pablo Motos. Are three times the actor has attended this show.

The last time that Will Smith was on the show, was with his family and with actor Jackie Chan to present the remake of "Karate Kid" in which Will Smith's son is the main protagonist and Jackie Chan, his teacher.

Will Smith, El Hormiguero, television, Hollywood,
Will Smith, as explanations of those responsible for the program "El Hormiguero", he was "fascinated" by the space intended for the whole family and he thought it would fit in the American television schedule. So along with the typical American late night shows, it could be issued the American version of Pablo Motos program so successful is having on other countries in the world have also sold the program format. A different way to see a television program in family and also learn new things and have fun.

"When he first came, he was interested because he liked very much and asked if this was done in the United States". the director of the program said, which it was premiered in 2006. Given the negative response of its creators, the actor was surprised that this format is not done in his country. The program director also commented that "when he came for the second time, we talked, we got in touch with his production in the U.S. and signed a deal with him".

Will Smith, El Hormiguero, television, Hollywood,
Some U.S. networks like CBS or NBC have been interested in the format and have shown interest: "The program has taught at major American television and we know that they liked it". In any case "is a slow process" and has the disadvantage that the U.S. public is too used to seeing "the same type of 'late night' and they are somewhat reluctant to innovative television programs".

For people who have not ever seen this TV show, we say that "El hormiguero" is a TV talk show premiered in Spain on September 24, 2006. All contents revolve around humor, interviews and popular science experiments. Is presented and directed by Pablo Motos, working with puppets that are lilac ants named Trancas, Barrancas and Petancas. Also has the support of a number of collaborators performing different program spaces.

Hugh Jackman, television, cinema, El Hormiguero, HollywoodMel Gibson, Hugh Jackman, Adam Sandler, Tom Cruise, Antonio Banderas and Charlize Theron are among the Hollywood stars who have stepped on the set of the program to be interviewed by Pablo Motos. "95% of the guests falls in love with the format and they want to return". The other 5%, as in the case of Charlize Theron, Justin Timberlake or Jesse Eisenberg don't understood nothing of what was happening in the program and even went on to say that Charlize treated her like a fool. It's very normal when a person's intelligence is not put to work when production of the program will explain what the show, which is for all ages and very familiar.

Maybe this TV program is quite interesting exception to the American public and serve to open the way to new ideas.

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