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Spanish actress Sara Montiel dies at age 85

Sara Montiel, Spanish cinema, actress, singer, film, HollywoodSara Montiel, "Saritísima" Diva of Spanish cinema, died this morning at the age of 85 years at her home in Madrid (Spain) following a cardiac arrest. The doctors could do nothing for her life.


Antonio Banderas, Favorite Son of Andalusia in 2013

Antonio Banderas, cinema, spanish cinema, Hollywood, 2013, Andalusia, Spain, MálagaAntonio Banderas just get one of the greatest gifts of his life, receiving the title of Favorite Son of Andalusia, his land of birth, in the year 2013 and it will be awarded on February 28, the day of Andalusia. A great credit for publicizing the name of the city of Malaga, Andalusia and Spain arround the world.


Jean Reno could participate in the saga of "Torrente"

Jean Reno, Santiago Segura, cine, ChefJean Reno is about to premiere his new movie in Spain, "Comme un chef" (Chef), and how could it be otherwise, the actor has heaped praise on Spain and especially to a particular actor , Spanish actor Santiago Segura.