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Lindsay Lohan escapes jail again

Lindsay Lohan, television, cinema, Hollywood, Los Angeles, New York, film, moviesActress Lindsay Lohan is back to escape from jail, yet again, after her lawyer has reached an agreement with the judge of a court in Los Angeles. Still, she has to meet a number of conditions that have been imposed mandatorily and she will have to meet if she doesn't wants jail time.


Will Smith takes Spanish TV show 'El Hormiguero' to U.S.

Will Smith, cinema, film, television, HollywoodSince Will Smith was the last time in Spain in the Spanish TV show "El Hormiguero" (The Anthill), he has many ideas that he has brought to the United States. Now he wants to realize the project being in contact with the U.S. television networks.


Steven Tyler dresses up of a woman for an audition of "American Idol"

Steven Tyler, music, Aerosmitrh, American IdolIf it seemed that the musical talent program auditions "American Idol" were being boring, someone wanted to liven up the party before starting to sing in front of the jury of the television program. Steven Tyler appeared in drag.


Britney Spears confirms that leaves "X Factor"

Britney Spears, X Factor, television, musicBritney Spears stepping down as jury in the musical talent show "X Factor" for, according to her, devoted to the development of new musical work that prepares in France. In this way the singer says goodbye to her beloved fellow program.


Charlie Sheen paid the funeral of paparazzi hit

Charlie Sheen, Hollywood, cinema, film, televisionCharlie Sheen wanted to show that in addition to being a controversial actor and always put in different situations captured by the cameras of the paparazzi, also he has a good heart and that is why wanted to prove paying the funeral of paparazzi died after being hit when the photographer going to take some pictures to Canadian singer Justin Bieber.


"Shakira is a threat: she affects audiences around the world"

Shakira, Colombia, musicUnderestimate someone other artist in the world of entertainment is very normal but those words have to repent is something unusual. That's what happened to singer Blake Shelton on a comment that said that Shakira and had to eat it with potatoes and sauce with quite proud.


Katie Holmes wants to shoot a new "Dawson's Creek", another artist who wants to return to his roots. Another actress who wants to go back to where they came forward and, perhaps, re-making their future profession. This time it is the turn of actress Katie Holmes plans to roll back the TV series "Dawson's Creek".


Nathan Fillion (Castle) will play a Greek god at the movies actor Nathan Fillion, best known for her role as writer, funny and intrusive in the hit series "Castle" has just joined the cast of actors for the sequel to "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief" which begins shooting in few months.


Jaleel White (Steve Urkel) returns to television

Jaleel White, Steve Urkel, Family Matters, television, actor, United StatesAs the headline says, yes he returns, but does not return the character cuetión as everyone will have scared. Return to TV the actor who portrayed the character that made ​​her laugh and to mourn over a spectator with his crazy adventures. Jaleel White returns from the hand of the U.S. program "Dancing with the Stars".


Charlie Sheen returns to TV being literally fired from CBS and the series "Two and a Half Men" that came in handy as it reflected his lifestyle and his personality in real life, Charlie Sheen returns to TV the hand of the FX network.