Paris Hilton will rock the summer in Ibiza in 2014

paris hilton, dj, ibiza, dance, música, amnesiaThe multifaceted Paris Hilton is once again the story of the summer, but in 2014, which has already been hired to do, once again, of DJ at a famous nightclub on the island of Ibiza, after the success achieved on this August.

Who said that this summer is ending because we are at the beginning of September? On the contrary! Only just begun. At least in regards to the summer of 2014, because before that end this summer, emerge amazing news to within a year.

The news that has an impact, so far, has been posted on the entertainment website TMZ, about the entrepreneur, singer and American DJ Paris Hilton, who already has a contract in swilling nightclub Amnesia in Ibiza to re-let with the mouth open to her most faithful followers, in the summer of 2014.

parís hilton, dj, música dance, dance, ibiza, amnesiaAnd that is, every place where Paris Hilton appears, success is assured. If you do not believe that, tell to all those who attended the session of electronic music "Foam & Diamonds", which made that the island of Ibiza entered into a state of insanity throughout the week that she was been in the cockpit of Amnesia.

Something unthinkable for the nightclub manager, days before the star became a resident DJ at the club, he was very "nervous" because he, certainly, didn't know how the public would react to the presence of Paris Hilton. "The number of attendees at her music sessions continued to grow. Word spread throughout the island",  he said. He has read a little to know that the entourage of fans of the star, always back where Paris is located.

Despite her appearance of rich girl, blonde and dumb, as many people have commented about her, none of that is real with Paris Hilton. In contrast, very successful entrepreneur and a great DJ who she is at the height of many electronic music professionals. Will be taken into account for future sessions at other clubs in the world. The sign "No entries" will hang in the blink of an eye.

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