Rambo wants to be Santos Trinidad

http://www.notasdecine.es/files/2012/03/stallone-quiere-hacer-un-remake-de-no-habra-paz-para-los-malvados.jpgOnce again the United States and Hollywood in particular in Spain is set to make a hit movie American style. This time it's Sylvester Stallone who has looked at the award-winning film "No habrá paz para los malvados" (No peace for the wicked).

Hollywood is running out of ideas when trying to make a successful film. So much so that has looked back and takes stock of the movies that were successful during the 80's to update the century and make them what was in his time, another great success.

But the Hollywood film industry also look at the movies now and lately it is setting a lot in Spain and in some blockbusters in Spanish cinema. 

Very clear example we have in titles like "Vanilla Sky" (Abre los ojos) by Alejandro Amenabar, whose role played by Eduardo Noriega starred Tom Cruise in 2001, or "[REC]" Spanish horror film directed by Jaume Balagueró managers and Paco Plaza and starring in the American version of Jennifer Carpenter, Steve Harris and Jay Hernandez. 

http://e.elcomercio.pe/66/ima/0/0/3/6/5/365551.jpgIn this case it was the actor Sylvester Stallone who is set on the tape of Enrique Urbizu six Goya Awards winner "No peace for the wicked" and wants to become the Jose Coronado American, something very difficult to achieve. 

This was made ​​known to the New York native in an interview published by the Canadian magazine MacLeans where they ask "You have not played many villains" and Sylvester Stallone said, "No, but I'm getting there. I have one in mind based in a wonderful film that was made in Spain, No peace for the wicked. it is very hard, the style of "bad Lieutenant." We call him the worst lieutenant."

Give a little scary to think of the remake of this movie seeing that others have not had the expected success and the success to the interpretation of the characters or the time to bring to perfection the original script by adapting the model films Hollywood.

Will we see Sylvester Stallone emulate Jose Coronado saying "Rock and roll!"?

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Anonymous said...

Santos Trinidad is the paradigm of the antihero, a man derenged by the corruption and globalization. Santos Trinidad is a Hero, not a villain ;)