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The End 2013. Once upon a time 2014

2013, 2014, new yearAgain another year. Again have spent 365 days and all countries of the world are slowly coming to a new year. For some it will be 2014, for others it will be a more advanced year. The point is that the Earth is changing again of year and we are here to celebrate it. Or maybe not.


Paris Hilton will rock the summer in Ibiza in 2014

paris hilton, dj, ibiza, dance, música, amnesiaThe multifaceted Paris Hilton is once again the story of the summer, but in 2014, which has already been hired to do, once again, of DJ at a famous nightclub on the island of Ibiza, after the success achieved on this August.


"Ghostbusters 3" will begin filming in 2014

Ghostbusters, cinema, Hollywood, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, film, movies"Ghostbusters 3" is becoming a dream come true after knowing the mouth of one of the protagonists of the previous two films, the shooting of the third start in 2014.


Adele put back her voice to the soundtrack of James Bond

Adele, music, Rolling in the deep, Skyfall, OscarAfter the success of the Oscars by winning the statuette for Best Song, the producers of the James Bond want to trust again in Adele to lend her voice in the upcoming film of the secret agent.


Schwarzenegger will return to be "Conan the Barbarian"
Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed a deal with Universal Pictures to film a new installment of "Conan the Barbarian". Of course, he will star the lead role. Thus its origins back to the person it was released in the cinema.


Paul Greengrass directed a documentary about FC Barcelona
Again the sport and film are reunited in a project whose main protagonist FC Barcelona Pep Guardiola and his four years as coach in front of the first team. The British film director Paul Greengrass will be responsible for carrying out this documentary.


The upcoming movie "Transformers" will be presented on June 29, 2014 fourth film in the franchise for Paramount, "Transformers" will be released June 29, 2014. This was announced by director Michael Bay, on Monday on its website. Seeing the success that the three previous films had expected a fourth installment but did not expect as accurate a date.