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"Men in Black III" movie with more errors of 2012

Men In Black 3, cinema, film, Will Smith, HollywoodEach new year begins with a series of titles something unpleasant to the cinema or music. This time it's the movie with the most errors of 2012. The lucky, or maybe not, this past year has been "Men In Black III" starring Will Smith.


Goodbye 2012. Happy New Year 2013!

2012, 2013, new yearAlthough we have days reviewing what we have experienced during this 2012 that is about to end, there are still a few hours to once again look back and see everything that has happened in regards to entertainment.


Lady Gaga will offer mental therapy at her concerts

Lady Gaga, Mother Monster, Born This Way, pop musicLady Gaga continues in her efforts to help anyone who has problems especially if they are her followers. For that reason, Mother Monster has decided that her next tour will offer mental therapy to all who need it before her concerts.


Justin Bieber new album released in January

Justin Bieber, Believe, music, beliebers, Believe AcousticJustin Bieber wants to end the year with a bang, and what better way that announcing the release of a new album by the end of January 2013. A twin brother of his album "Believe" but in acoustic.


Alejandro Sanz fails in Twitter on the Spanish April's Fools' Day

Alejandro Sanz, music, pop music, SpainAlejandro Sanz has not been able to deceive the general public and his fans in particular on his Twitter account to post a joke on the Spanish April's Fools' Day. He himself wished to deny a joke that nobody has believed.

Dies soul singer Fontella Bass at age 72

Fontella Bass, music, soul, R&B, gospelThe year 2012 wants to end in a tragic way as it has been to know this news. Soul singer Fontella Bass known for singing the great classic "Rescue Me", died Wednesday at age 72 after suffering a series of health complications rather delicate.


In 2013, "Lady Gaga: The documentary"

Lady Gaga, music, pop, Mother Monster, little monsters, Artpop2012 is not over yet and we already have a scoop of Lady Gaga for 2013. The Mother Monster announced to all monsters that she is filming a documentary about her life and her career in which, probably, will not leave any details to discover.


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Christmas
The tinkling of the bells of Santa's sleigh and begin to listen to the skies over half the world. Christmas is here. For someone it will be summer and winter for others. Some with snow in the mountains and others celebrating on the beach. But all with the same idea, we celebrate Christmas.


Rihanna donates $1.75 million to a hospital in Barbados

music, Rihanna, Diamonds, UnapologeticChristmas is coming and starts to bloom the good wishes and good deeds that should be done all year round but become visible especially in this time of holidays. Rihanna is the following charitable soul who has made a selfless act, donating $1.75 million to a hospital in Barbados.


Hollywood stands against gun laws U.S.

cinema, film, music, television, Hollywood, video, Demand A PlanThe vast majority of U.S. artists have said enough to the Second Amendment of the Constitution governing in this country and the freedom to buy a gun like who buys a candy in a store. For that reason they have decided to make a video to raise awareness of all the weapons that can cause disasters such as occurred in a school in Connecticut last week.


"Twilight", the worst in the history of cinema

Twilight, movies, film, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Hollywood
Although all this time has become a mass phenomenon that has generated money and success in all theaters where half the world is designed, in a survey of Internet users, the "Twilight" saga has been considered the worst film in movie history.

Jackie Chan is being investigated by police in Hong Kong by using weapons

Jackie Chan, 2012, film, Hollywood, CZ12The Chinese actor Jackie Chan is being investigated by Hong Kong police for remarks he made to a local newspaper in which he confessed to have used weapons to defend against Chinese mafias.


Tom Cruise struck 50 kicks in the testicles to an actor

Tom Cruise, cinema, film, Hollywood, Jack ReacherTom Cruise is shooting his new action movie "Jack Reacher" where every day there is a new situation, funny and chilling. This time could join the three as the actor has had to give 50 kicks to the genitals to an actor for a scene.


Jennifer Lopez the most cruel and selfish of all artists

Jennifer Lopez, cinema, film, music, HollywoodThe New Yorker Jennifer Lopez has just been proclaimed the cruelest of all artists working both in the music world and in the world of cinema. So they have to know members of the last movie where the actress and singer has participated. Apparently, her personality and character leaves much to be desired.


They planned to castrate and kill Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, beliebers, Believe, musicThanks to the U.S. authorities have been able to thwart the possible kidnapping and murder of Justin Bieber. Although it sounds like a joke that was a pretty serious plot to castrate and kill the Canadian singer who, thankfully, has not been carried out.


Peter Jackson will shoot sequel to "Tintin" next year

Tintin, Steven Spielberg, film, Hollywood, Peter JacksonThe year 2013 is going to be the year of the film and especially in the year of the sequels though these after they premiere. Another sequels coming in way is the reporter which have not been seen post any article, Tintin, in which director Peter Jackson will be responsible for this new project.


Javier Bardem, nominated for Screen Actors Guild Awards

Javier Bardem, Skyfall, cine, cine españolJavier Bardem still adding good reviews all over the world and this time it was the Screen Actors Guild who want to give their support to the Spanish actor adding it to the list of nominees for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in the last film in the saga of James Bond "Skyfall".


Samuel L. Jackson also wants to be in "Star Wars: Episode VII"

Since it was published some time ago that there would be a new trilogy in the saga of "Star Wars" are several actors and actresses who want to return or who want to have a role to play in the new film developed by George Lucas. Another who plead his return is Samuel L. Jackson.


Jean Reno could participate in the saga of "Torrente"

Jean Reno, Santiago Segura, cine, ChefJean Reno is about to premiere his new movie in Spain, "Comme un chef" (Chef), and how could it be otherwise, the actor has heaped praise on Spain and especially to a particular actor , Spanish actor Santiago Segura.


Disney prepares the sequel to "Alice in Wonderland" by Tim Burton

Tim Burton, Alice in wonderland, Johnny Depp, Disney, HollywoodDisney once again points to the fever of the sequels that much credit is giving Hollywood film studios. The dream factory of children and adults has just announced that it is developing the successful continuation of the Tim Burton film "Alice in Wonderland".