Spanish actress Sara Montiel dies at age 85

Sara Montiel, Spanish cinema, actress, singer, film, HollywoodSara Montiel, "Saritísima" Diva of Spanish cinema, died this morning at the age of 85 years at her home in Madrid (Spain) following a cardiac arrest. The doctors could do nothing for her life.

Again Spanish cinema is mourning. To loss of film director Bigas Luna, add, unfortunately, the death of the first Spanish actress that walk on Hollywood and returned to Spain, leaving behind more than a broken heart and an unmatched elegance.

María Antonia Abad Fernández, Sara Montiel, Sarita Montiel, the diva of Spanish cinema, has died at age 85 from a heart attack in Madrid. The sudden loss of the actress has left without words to music artists, film and theater in Spain and over countries of the world.

Sara Montiel, Spanish cinema, actress, singer, film, Hollywood
Born in Campo de Criptana (Ciudad Real), Spain, from a family of farmers, soon learned that she had to be an actress. De La Mancha to Hollywood through Mexico, Sara Montiel was captivating every man who passed in front of her.

Her first major movie role in the film won the "Locura de Amor" (Madness of Love) by director Juan de Orduña, in 1948. But her great role and that released worldwide was "El último cuplé" (The last couplet) directed also by Juan de Orduna in 1957. In this film song "El Relicario" (The Reliquary) and "Fumando espero" (Smoking I wait), songs that are out of fashion and are remembered for generations. Another great film was "The Violetera".

Mexico also fell surrendered to her feet, getting to participate in more than ten productions, such as "Cárcel de mujeres" (Women's Prison), "Piel canela", "Fiera salvaje" (Wild Fury) and "Se solicitan modelos" (Models Are Requested).

Her jump to Hollywood did that with only 23 years, got his first role in Tinseltown with the film "Veracruz" with help of Gary Cooper. He was not the only one with whom she worked and the only one who managed to steal their heart. Among them are the likes of James Dean, Burt Lancaster, Joan Fontaine, Mario Lanza, Vincent Price and Charles Bronson. It was the most coveted actress at that time coming to earn a million dollars and became the highest paid Latina actress in the film. She signed contracts worth millions for Warner Bros. and United artits. Sara Montiel rejected a seven-year contract at Columbia Pictures and preferred to shoot with Anthony Mann, "Serenade" (1956). In 1959 she became Life magazine cover.

Sara Montiel, Spanish cinema, actress, singer, film, Hollywood, Gary Cooper, Burt LancasterSara Montiel, besides making swoon at all men who approached her, also won numerous awards including the Gold Medal for Merit in Work in Spain in 2010, the Gold Medal of the Fine Arts (1958), the National Guild Awards spectacle (1959) and the Cinema Writers Circle (1959), the title of Actress of the Year (1959) and the Gold Disc (1959, by "The violetera"). Gold Medal The Spanish Film Academy in 1997. He was also awarded the Golden Eagle Hollywood (1986, the Spanish Oscar), the Order of Arts and Letters French (1982), the Prize of Cinema Writers Circle (1999), and a Silver Biznaga Festival Malaga Film (2007) by "El último cuplé".

In recent years, Sara Montiel has participated in television and theater. In 2002, Sara reappeared on television in a commercial for the MTV Europe Music Awards that year, with its characteristic "Marevellous" she repeated again and again in the ad. In 2009 he recorded with spanish singer Alaska and her music group Fangoria a version of his new song "Absolutamente" (Absolutely) in which both participated in the video.

She is remembered in countries like France, Russia, United States, Mexico and, of course, Spain, it can not say that Sara Montiel has lived as she wanted and she has done all that she wants without having to ask anyone explanations. A woman ahead of her time that will be remembered for generations past in her films and in her collaborations today. Rest in peace Sara of La Mancha, Sara Montiel.

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