Isabel Coixet pays tribute to the volunteers of the "Prestige"

http://ep01.epimg.net/cultura/imagenes/2012/05/16/actualidad/1337184369_790874_1337185373_noticia_normal.jpgThe Catalan filmmaker, Isabel Coixet, made a documentary that leaves aside all the problems occurred related to Panamanian-flagged tanker "Prestige" and focus on those who left everything to save a land that is had been dyed black.

Within 6 months it will be 10 years of environmental disaster that occurred in front of the Galician coast and filled with "tar" (oil), as a whole, the entire coastline of Galicia but also stained the black part of the North Coast of Spain and southwestern France.

For this reason, Isabel Coixet, who won the 2012 Goya for Best Documentary for her documentary "Listening to Judge Garzon," has made another documentary also to remember what happened nearly 10 years, tells the story of volunteers who were clean up, stone by stone, the Galician beaches, and their personal motivations to collect their own hands the toxic spill reached the shoreline, in addition also the stories that came that day. Very human stories, with all your heart and not have come to explain in any media.

http://ep01.epimg.net/ccaa/imagenes/2012/05/15/galicia/1337079296_737229_1337079657_noticia_normal.jpgIsabel Coixet misses everything about political issues, discussions between the two major parties of Spain, images of which he was vice president, Mariano Rajoy, and now president of a country that does not dominate, comparing the oil that came from within ship with "threads of plasticine" without having any idea what really was happening in those places.

Isabel moved with all his film crew to the Costa da Morte (Galicia) to interview some of the volunteers who were present during the environmental disaster and that the Prestige has changed their lives forever.

The title of the documentary, "Marea Blanca" (White Tide) which lasts 30 minutes, tells the story of Soledad Mendez, a volunteer who came from Extremadura and decided to stay forever in Galicia why he loved the land and just at the time agreed happened that trqagedia. Fruit of the relationship with other volunteers, Soledad had a daughter named Alegría Fisterra (Joy Finisterre), a tribute to the slogan used by the volunteers to recover the spirit that never died, after cleaning the hard days.

It also tells the life of the fishermen of the Costa da Morte as the Galician boy, Nacho Castro, and a Catalan girl of Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona), Nuria Blanco, who met during those days in Muxía, fell in love and are now married.
In the words of Isabel Coixet: "Marea Blanca is a tribute and a trip to the scene through his memories, feelings and emotions. Shooting has been full of surprises." Also she says that: "there are several documentaries, which may not have had the exposure they deserved, which addresses the whole political issue. We wanted to focus on the theme of the volunteers because it's the few things about Prestige which everyone agrees. the sacrifice of the volunteers helped to achieve something as big as cleaning the beaches at the specified time".

The documentary will be seen from this Wednesday on www.galiciaencolor.es and www.coronasavethebeach.org. As of June 5, World Environment Day will be free so that it can download.
As can be read in one of the sites, "If you were a volunteer, this tribute is for you". Thanks to all of them today Galicia can boast clean beaches, healthy and everyone can enjoy.

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