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"Twilight", the worst in the history of cinema

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Although all this time has become a mass phenomenon that has generated money and success in all theaters where half the world is designed, in a survey of Internet users, the "Twilight" saga has been considered the worst film in movie history.


Kristen Stewart will be Snow White will be sequel to "Snow White and the Huntsman" according to a statement from the Universal film studio in Hollywood. After a tug of war between the producer and the stars of the film, Kristen Stewart has said yes I want to do, once again, Snow White.


Robert Pattinson is the new face of Dior
Robert Pattinson becomes another one of those famous actors who end up being part of a famous trademark of perfume. In this case has been the brand Dior who has contracted the services, and the fame, the actor for the next 3 years.


The "intelligent" Charlize Theron ridicules "El Hormiguero" by Pablo Motos South African actress Charlize Theron walked around the set of  "El Hormiguero", a Spanish program private television, Antena 3, with actress Kristen Stewart to promote "Snow White and the legend of the hunter", in which the two are the protagonists of the tape. But his great "false" action has been made ​​known to harshly criticize "El Hormiguero" on American television.