Justin Bieber punches a photographer

According to published news site TMZ Justin Bieber fist is bundled with a photographer when he wanted to take some pictures of the Canadian singer and HIS fiancee, actress Selena Gomez at the time when both went to see a movie at a cinema in Calabasas in the state of California.

The boy of smiling face and friendly with almost everyone, has changed its face for a more violent after what happened last May 27 at The Commons cinemas in the town of Calabasas, California, 37 miles northwest of Hollywood.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had the wonderful idea of ​​a quiet and sunny Sunday watching a movie in Hollywood cinema either. Everything was perfect until it came time to go out and find a photographer who wanted to take some snapshots of the time.

https://p.twimg.com/At7vTx_CIAILurN.jpg:largeThe news does not have a very good argument because, first Justin Bieber explains how the altercation occurred and, secondly, the witnesses who were present at the time of the violent explain another line with what happened but with different nuances.

According to the joint version of Justin Bieber and witnesses, after he and Selena leave the theater, mounted in the car and wanted to march but in front of them was the photographer. Justin politely told to get out of their way to go to what the photographer refused and continued to photograph the couple. As this was not going to leave quietly, the Canadian out of the car, very angry, and possibly could have insulted his girlfriend, and repeat to stop blocking the car and the photographer refused, the singer punched him in chest as well throw a shoe. The photographer called the police to be present at the scene and had to treat the coup in an ambulance also arrived at the same place.  

https://p.twimg.com/At8JysTCEAEFugT.jpg:largeAs can be seen in the photos, Justin Bieber is seen really angry and want to kill the face first thing you put in your way. 

Selena Gomez, meanwhile, was really sorry in the vehicle and after the brawl came out to calm him while the singer was placed before the shoe that had launched a photographer of celebrities.

But it has not been a simple altercation where police presented himself, but the photographer has accused Justin of "criminal battery" and will be required to attend court to clarify the facts. If, by chance, Justin Bieber was tried and found to be responsible for the facts, could be sentenced to be imprisoned for a period of 6 months.  

Police are investigating the facts conmo misdemeanor battery on a photographer.

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