Jackie Chan is removed from action movies

They say a good retreat is better time to keep making a fool of myself. That is exactly what I had to think the actor Jackie Chan in announcing its withdrawal from the action film after decades bringing his body to the limit.

The Chinese actor Jackie Chan has said so far we have come kicking, beatings, injuries and violence of all kinds. It's time to take action but to a completely different action, a more relaxed. 

And the actor is no longer to give many kicks. At 58 puts an end to hundreds and hundreds of kicks and jumps in every action movie. And what better way to say goodbye to action in his 100th film titled "Chinese Zodiac" presented at the Cannes Film Festival. Tape that he has written, directed and starred. 

"This is my latest action movie, I'm not young, I'm very tired. I like the action but not violence, and the world is too violent now". In this way, Jackie gave a philosophical point to the last moment as an actor in action movies. "They say, no, you're still young, you can still do it. But someday I'll have to stop". 

http://estaticos01.cache.el-mundo.net/elmundo/imagenes/2012/05/19/cultura/1337438335_0.jpgStill, the actor does not want to end his acting career and would like to do more serious roles interpretive and stop doing more comic roles as he has done lately. "I want people to know that not only fight, I also act. And so, day after day, year after year, I said. Well, I will show the public the real Jackie Chan". 

Furthermore, not only Jackie wants to be a actor playing more serious roles, no, but also wants to be like one of the greats of cinema, no less than Robert De Niro. "In the last ten years I have made several films, but I want to be the Asian Robert De Niro, not being an action star. I want to be a real actor, I'm tired of my image". 

From now on you will see in more movies doing what they should have done it many times, interpret, and devote himself to it. Do not forget that Jackie Chan has since the early seventies kicking right and left, starting his film career with his idol, Bruce Lee. It's time to take a break final. 

Thus as smart gives way to new generations and want to break away once again, a bone but, as mentioned, already has broken all the time and suffered the most was when he fell from a tree and fractured his skull. Do not want to become a Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger, currently still filming action movies when neither his physical nor his mind are to do so. 

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