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Sylvester Stallone backs banning assault weapons

Sylvester Stallones, Rambo, Rocky, The Expendables, cinema, film, HollywoodGradually the heroes of action movies, begin to express their feelings about the possible abolition of certain firearms in the United States after the events. One of those voices is Sylvester Stallone.


The group Megadeth stopped playing by the aggression of the public U.S. thrash metal group Megadeth, had to desist from further performing on stage at the Metalfest in Croatia, following the violent atmosphere that was generated among the public to the point of attacking singer.


Justin Bieber punches a photographer
According to published news site TMZ Justin Bieber fist is bundled with a photographer when he wanted to take some pictures of the Canadian singer and HIS fiancee, actress Selena Gomez at the time when both went to see a movie at a cinema in Calabasas in the state of California.