John Travolta sued by a massage therapist for sexual harassment

http://www.independent.ie/multimedia/archive/01049/john-travolta_1049916a.jpgAgain, the actor John Travolta is news and not just for making a new film or work on it as the star of the same, but by other news over sexual harassment in this case a masseuse hired by internet.

A masseur accused the U.S. actor, singer and dancer John Travolta of having touched the genitals and ensures that the actor tried to have sex with him. For this reason, the masseuse, under the alias "John Doe" filed several charges against Travolta: harassment, sexual abuse, emotional distress damages caused intentionally, as recorded it all in demand.

The therapist goes on to say that the actor hired the meeting via the Internet, agreeing to pay $ 200 for a one hour session. Travolta picked up the masseuse, who was blinded to the identity of his client, and together they went to a Beverly Hills hotel room during a meeting, on 15 January for a massage. John Travolta got naked in front of him and touched his genitals. In addition, he asked her to masturbate him, so he began to do it himself, as he confessed that he has become so famous thanks to "sexual favors" he did when he began his acting career.

But that's not all as the story continues. According to the lawsuit cited by TMZ, says that John Travolta apologized for his behavior, but which, in turn, would not miss the chance to ask her to have sex with him and "other Hollywood star".

http://www.infobae.com/adjuntos/jpg/2011/05/600x450_416844.jpgAs expected, the actor's representatives have described the demand for "complete fiction" a statement that has spread the news website E! News and Travolta was at the other end of the country when the incident occurred.

A new sex scandal, and not a few, in the life of John Travolta putting back into question the possible homosexuality of the actor and that every so often comes to the front pages of newspapers and magazines of the tabloid press.

This time it was the turn to a masseuse, last time was a former crew manager of the company Royal Caribbean International that after doing a massage on the neck, the actor offered him $ 15,000 to have sex with him. A sexual relationship of feature very luxurious and diamond rain watching the amount of money remembered for that relationship.

In the same way as the John Travolta have commented on the issue, the 15 minutes of fame of this new character, and he has managed to have missed the news as front page news in several media, but without giving real name of that character, just a simple pseudonym "John Doe", which are known by the bodies or patients in emergency rooms of hospitals and also was the title of a television series, issued by FOX, which was canceled after finishing his first season.

The 15 minutes of fame have been completed. 

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