Lady Gaga talks about her former drug addiction

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-MvFnPy66RU0/Tq3d3TIyBvI/AAAAAAAAEYA/nGyTTeg6pbY/s1600/gagagagbild+%25281%2529.jpgThe fashion of the famous for having all or most of the best kept secrets of his life, on television, like a program of confessions they were emerging effect. Some have all their secrets at once on a hit show and other famous chapters do so, as is the case of Lady Gaga in a recent interview.

The pop diva Lady Gaga has appeared in one of the most followed by American television presented by Amanda de Cadenet, "The Conversation". The New York singer is completely sincere in front of cameras but do not know if that explained everything had to have his adolescence, as she has and we know, has not been easy.

At just 19, Lady Gaga, tired of studying and preferred to get to work by refusing any financial assistance that her parents wanted to give to continue with their lives. With some effort, sweat and tears Lady Gaga has become what is today one of the artists most famous and quoted the musical of the moment.
But what the artist longs for more of his past is loneliness. Discuss how she liked to go home and be alone as she did before: "Would every day at my apartment and I just sit there. Was quiet and lonely. We were just my piano and me". 

This loneliness has been able to cause the odd trick in her life to such an extent as it has gone on "The Conversation", to become addicted to drugs and so go through the darker side of life: "The drug was my friend. I spent with others. it was a terrible way to fill the void but I added empty because it is not real".

But contrary to what happens to many artists who see fame leads them by the most bitter of life, she describes that there is some "romance" with the drugs among aspiring artists, Lady Gaga was able to react to time and intelligently take back control of her life, manage it and think it was best for her: "you're not an artist. If you were an artist you would be focused on music and you would not be spending money on that dust devil". 

Amanda de Cadenet, added to what Lady Gaga said about the "romance" of drugs, that those artists who fall into that world and do not know are out some "losers".

The philosophy that now takes place Mother Monster in your life is happiness, focus on music and focus on being happy and enjoy everything around her.

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