Robin Gibb dies of cancer at age 62

http://p2.trrsf.com/image/get?src=http%3A%2F%2Fvgn-live-mia.terra.com%2Fwebimg%2FArgentina%2FImagenes%2F32%2FAB%2FB6%2F8422729120120521103714.jpg&o=cf&vs=301x464&hs=619x464Robin Gibb, British singer and founder of The Bee Gees, died at age 62 after an operation performed on him because of intestinal colon and liver cancer who suffered since he was diagnosed in 2010, according to confirmed his family.

It happened just four days after the death of the Queen of Disco, Donna Summer, who has cancer again off another voice, another legend of the 70 and 80 that made us dance on the dance floors of half the world under the crystal ball, as usual are known, with tight pants and bell and beat cocky. 

This was stressed in a statement the singer's family, "Robin Gibb's family announces with great sorrow that has died on Sunday after a long battle with cancer and intestinal surgery". Along with this release, the family of the Bee Gees singer has called for "respect for their privacy at this difficult time". 

Robin Gibb has said goodbye to 62 years, also very young. In the same way he did his twin brother Maurice Gibb, at age 53 in 2003 due to cardiac arrest when you were operating a bowel obstruction. 

http://receph.apextech.netdna-cdn.com/images/2012/05/20/beeph052012.jpg_thumbnail0.jpgThe singer with the best falsetto of all time, announced last February that it had experienced a "spectacular" recovery from his illness. Unfortunately, in mid-April health suffer again, this time as a result of pneumonia which led him to spend several days in a coma. 

The Bee Gees was formed by brothers Maurice and Robin Gibb Pierre. Founded in Australia in 1960, the three formed the most charismatic of the 70 and 80 whose songs were, and remain, authentic hymns of Saturday Night Fever is the title as the film that starred John Travolta and actor whose soundtrack sounds, now, some radio stations. 

The Bee Gees won fame in the 1960s and 1970s with songs as "Night Fever" "Staying Alive", "Massachusetts" or "Jive Talking" and romantic ballads such as "How deep is your love" which, certainly more than a couple began their relationship under the notes and voices this melody. 

In the 43 years that the group was active, since it dissolved in 2003 with the death of Maurice, changed musical style several times. In 1967, they reached the top first. By now triumphed as a group of vocal pop hits like "To love somebody" or "Massachusetts". 

During these more than four decades, The Bee Gees managed to sell over 200 million copies, putting them to commercial level sets mythical as Rolling Stones or Pink Floyd. 

Messages of condolence and sadness by other artists and media have not been long in coming especially from the social network Twitter where Sony Music paid tribute to the musician with a message: "Rest in peace, Robin Gibb. Thank you for music". The journalist Paul Gambaccini described Gibb told the BBC as "one of the leading figures in British music history". 

Rest in peace another legend of disco, rest in peace Robin Gibb.

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