Barcelona Artists and Journalists for people with disabilities

This Sunday May 20 was held in Barcelona, ​​a protest for the right to work of disabled people and also against the cuts that are having this group of people. Artists and journalists have been present and in favor of this claim. A manifesto has highlighted the outrage of these cuts.

Artists of the song, television and theater and radio and television journalists, Barcelona and Catalonia, have joined this morning at the Paseo Lluis Companys Barcelona to support and vindicate the right to work for people with disabilities to decent work for them, a job security and salary and security in their lives, and against cuts that would mean the loss of more than 2,500 jobs protected and alleging that subsidies to employment of disabled people have been reduced by 56% and that the authorities fail to ensure the financing of 50% of the minimum wage to special work centers that employ these people, especially vulnerable.

A demonstration and a feast for the disabled that has gathered over 14,000 people all screaming in unison "It does not! Defend the right to work of disabled people" and has enjoyed the cooperation also of liven up the event with a batucada, a flashmob, music, juggling.

Besides the typical political rhetoric lead to nothing and have not been fully heard by the people who were present at that place but have had their moment of glory, there have been other little speeches, which they themselves have been heard by journalists in sports of the Catalan regional television channel TV3 as Lluís Canut, Raquel Sans, Elizabeth Bosch, Marta Bosch, the news reporter Raquel Sans, all linked to regional channel TV3. Also present journalist and, until 2012, director of television channel TV3, Monica Terribas, which you have read the manifesto of the claim of the demonstration. 

By the field of cinema, theater and television have helped, always altruistically, actresses Marta Bayarri, Montse Guallar, Daphnis Baldany. 

In the same way athletes have participated the likes of former tennis player and always associate the event, Sergi Bruguera and President of FC Barcelona, Sandro Rosell, who kindly provided facilities gives equipment can be held, year after year, the commemoration of the Special Olympics involving people with any disability. 

The New York singer and living in Barcelona, Monica Green, along with Barcelona singers have Txell Sust and Mone sung the hymn of the Special Olympics "Un instant en el temps" which is an adaptation of the song Whitney Houston "One moment in Time", thus closing the meeting for people with disabilities and that was a complete success of participation by members of many associations of disabled people as well as family and friends and people anómina who wanted to join this event.
Although it is a bit heavy to read and do not have much to do with posts that are posted on this blog, I publish some of the shows that you have read the manifetación to keep in mind all we can do for them in all areas, also in music, radio, television and cinema why they have all participated and participate in projects of this type:


The latest decisions of government are emptied of all content laws recognizing the rights of persons with disabilities, and are cutting back gradually helps to create and maintain jobs that we were able to create.

Today, the different levels of government, legally responsible for the promotion and maintenance of this system, threatening job opportunities for disabled people with special difficulties.

We are not spectators, we are players aware of the situation, responsible and proactive in defending. So we have provided work, arguments and proposals to overcome this situation. (...)

The draft budget currently before the Congress of Deputies representing a reduction of 56 percent of the line to Catalonia active employment policy and only covers 37% of what the law says it should cover. The effects of this reduction are devastating for people with disabilities or mental disorder and, especially, for those with special difficulties in finding work. 

Catalonia currently over 100 Special work centers of social initiative, managed by nonprofit entities that hold more than 7,300 jobs for people with disabilities with special difficulties. The budgets presented by the Spanish government threatening these Special Work Centres. 

In addition, the planned budget reduction does not guarantee or even 50% of the minimum interprofessional wage required by law, and discriminatory treatment is not only for these people but in Catalonia, since it is the territory that has contributed to these positions job. 

It also eliminates the subsidy of 75% of the minimum wage for those groups of people with special difficulties in finding employment and affirmative action cancels that they had so far. This will result in the immediate loss of 2,500 jobs in Catalonia.

As if this were not enough, leave in critical integration programs in ordinary companies, such as "Supported Employment", which is for a zero budget, making them unviable and causing a drastic reduction of services and lenders. (...) Because we clear the path and the model, and because we know that the impact of budget cuts will be devastating for the most disadvantaged and vulnerable in our country, we demand:

- The correction in the state budget of the announced 56% reduction, and financing 50% of the minimum wage as required by law. 

- The security to keep the financing of programs and resources integration into ordinary companies and working with support.