Stephen Frears direct the biopic about Freddie Mercury

http://rollingstone.es/img/imagecache/r_640_427_Freddie-Mercury.jpgFor a couple of years had launched a project to make a biopic or a movie about the life of Freddie Mercury, former lead singer of Queen, but was forgotten until today has re-smack the film project with the rumor that already have a director who directed this film.

Although from the beginning of the project was already a star to play the lead singer of Queen, who will also producer, to be nothing more and nothing less than the eccentric actor Sacha Baron Cohen. Not that everyone likes the idea that it is precisely he who represent you on the big screen or even whether it will have the right level to mimic the peculiar way of singing of Freddie Mercury.

And is that Baron Cohen will not only play the singer on the big screen but also sing some songs of the group, it would not be the first time since he did in the movie "Sweeney Todd".

http://bligoo.com/media/users/2/101942/images/freddie-mercury.jpgThe heading of biopic seems determined unless there is a last minute change, "Mercury" provisionally that he gave his producer Graham King. But it needed a director to carry out the direction of the film and realize the project.

The news website Variety reports that there is already a favorite to get the desired position: the British film director Stephen Frears. It seems appropriate at both the biographies and has shot the film "The Queen" as in relation to the theme song, one of his movies is "High Fidelity" where filming took place in 2000.

What they do have it tied the rights of some of the songs that will sound and sing in the film. So far they have secured three of the hymns of the UK's group "We Will Rock You", "Bohemian Rhapsody" or "We Are the Champions".

The story of the film will follow the formation of the group Queen to the famous "Live Aid" in 1985 were two concerts held on July 13, 1985, simultaneously in Wembley Stadium in London and JFK Stadium in Philadelphia in The United States, whose motive was to raise funds to benefit the countries of East Africa. The film does not treat his death or other significant events subsequent to that event. Something very strange unless you plan a sequel to the singer's life.

Although now the British director is a little busy waiting for the release of "Lay the Favorite" and with the completion of filming a TV movie about Muhammad Ali, Stephen Frears may be available to get to work with the biopic most significant singer of British rock and world as Freddie Mercury.

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