Will Smith will produce the remake of the Spanish film "Ghost Promotion"

http://mentalhigh.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/will_smith-wallpaper-1400x1050.jpgThe obsession with Hollywood studios for remakes is nothing new and even less to be fixed in some Spanish films and, more or less run out successful showing in theaters in the U.S. and worldwide. Now comes the turn of a recent Spanish production "Ghost Promotion" (Promoción Fantasma).

It's been barely two months since its release in theaters in Spain when we have the news published on the web Variety, the production company Overbrook Entertainment, owned by actor Will Smith, has bought the copyright of the film comedy "Ghost Promotion" directed by Javier Ruiz Caldera and released on March 2 with great success.

http://www.aullidos.com/imagenes/caratulas/promocion-fantasma.jpgNot only was the website which has published such an agreement but the Facebook page of the film also has posted the following message: "Confirmed! Overbrook, the producer of Will Smith will produce for Fox's remake of Ghost Promotion".
For people who have not yet seen the movie, remind them that the plot of the film is about Modesto, a teacher who sometimes go dead. This not only has cost nearly ruin psychiatrists, but also has made him fired from every school where she worked. But his luck begins to change when it gets a place in the Monforte school having to teach five students have become a prestigious college in the house of horrors. The teacher has to get five guys last year and pass the hell out of there once and for all. But it will be not easy because all five are dead twenty years.
For everybody who is hoping that Will Smith is the protagonist of the film, and can go forgetting why the idea is not going to play the title role did the actor Raúl Arévalo. Nothing else will be behind the production along with 20th Century Fox now time to find a director, a writer to adapt the original script of Christopher Adolfo Garrido and value, and actors who give the level comic actors have Spanish besides giving a touch of black humor to the original story.

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