Bruce Springsteen shows in Seville who is The Boss

http://www.abc.es/Media/201205/14/BRUCE-SEVILLA-ABC--644x362.jpgWhat better place Bruce Springsteen chose to start their European tour "Wrecking Ball Tour" in the city of Seville, at the Olympic Stadium of La Cartuja, although not completely filled the capacity of 40,000 spectators.

But that did not matter to "The Boss" to give all of him and let the skin and soul as he usually always at every concert.

Despite the damp heat that accompanied all night, Bruce Springsteen once again proved to be the greatest of the greats. He did it in good shape in a concert that has captivated audiences young and the veterans, who have unconditionally following him for years, with their powerful rock and protest, which included a tribute to the "outraged the 15-M" as expressed in Spanish in front of everyone.

Accompanied by his legendary band the E Street Band and after greeting with "Hola Sevilla" (Hello Seville), Bruce wasted all his power during the three-hour concert in which he played songs from their latest album and several songs from a repertoire of a career that has lasted 40 years and has no intention of ending because The Boss still has a lot of energy and good vibrations to be transmitted on stage.

http://img01.lavanguardia.com/2012/05/14/SE05-SEVILLA-13-05-2012-El-roc_54293741631_53389389549_600_396.jpgWith an emotional and electrifying concert that mixed joy, sadness, anger and outrage at the present time we are playing live, the musical event had two very special moments and important in the life of "The Boss". On the one hand remind one of the band members, saxophonist "Big Man" Clarence Clemons, who died last June and now replaced his nephew Jake Clemons.

On the other side and joining in droves to everyone who was at the concert and everyone in general, Bruce Springsteen in a setting of 800 square meters, topped with an American flag and one from Spain and two screens at the ends, referred to the demonstrators on 15-M that soon will be a year that began the protests and demonstrations as a result of the great global crisis is hurting worldwide. Bruce Springsteen said, "In America we have had bad times and I know that here too. People have lost their jobs and their homes. The bad times are the worst, but our heart is with you. We have asked to take the stage for angry the 15-M and all who are fighting in the South of Spain.". Then this little speech, dedicated the song "Jack of all Trades" all outraged about the 15-M.

Of course, could not miss a tribute to the victims of 11-S with the song that has become an anthem for all "The Rising" which served to give hope and encouragement to a whole country fell into the misfortune of most violent terrorist attacks has never been a city.

A show with 120,000 watts of sound and 600,000 watts of lighting which thrilled a hot night in Seville and, for a few hours, did forget all those attending the concert, all that is happening around us. A brutal and tremendous start of European tour that will take you for a few days more, Spanish cities such as Las Palmas (May 14), Barcelona (17 and 18 May), San Sebastian (June 2) and Madrid (17 June). The will of July 31 the last of his 33 concerts in Europe to return to America, where it has already performed 22 times and will do so again another thirteen times.

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