Lady Gaga is banned in Indonesia by radical Islamists

The pop diva Lady Gaga has had to cancel the concert that was scheduled for June 3 in Jakarta, Indonesia, following threats from radical Islamists Indonesians to show their opposition to the concert by "representing Satan".

The woman who fight for freedom in the world so that no one is discriminated against by anyone and that the world is increasingly better, has been vetoed by the radical Islamist Indonesians say that the singer is the "faith of Satan" and not may offer the concert was scheduled in Jakarta on June 3 in his world tour "Born this way". 

The Indonesian police spokesman, Boy Rafli, has reported that Lady Gaga has been denied permission to hold their show. Police have taken this decision after extremist Islamic groups in the Asian country criticasen the dress and the "provocation" that represents the American diva for the people of his country. Rather you should say to them why the other inhabitants of the country no one has asked. 

The point is that the Islam Defenders Front (FPI), a radical Indonesia said last week that its members were planning to go to Jakarta International Airport when he got the singer to stop acting in the capital. If the first plan that would not have arisen had organized effect, and had prepared a second plan this time with the threat of fear as a primary goal. His plan was to infiltrate the audience of the concert to drive them away. 

http://images.lainformacion.com/cms/vetan-el-concierto-de-lady-gaga-en-indonesia-por-la-presion-de-los-islamistas/2012_5_15_NlG581zRRXRMiJ1UTTPGE3.jpg?width=645&height=645&type=flat&id=RmhR3jQRXqhNWLcEmkifv5&time=1337081612&project=lainformacionThere was no need neither one thing nor the other, has been better to suspend the concert and also save the New York singer intergridad for anything that might happen in the event. We all know that all these people who like to do is put fear in people's body and cause more panic may be physically or psychologically trying to override the brain to all the people who follow them. 

But the reactions were not long in coming and some politicians have expressed against this decision because "if they dare to cancel concerts with a liberal capitalist ideology as Lady Gaga, should also be firm against the ideologies of the Middle East", so argued Basah Ahmad, member of the legal affairs Committee of Parliament. Although, Basah criticized the remarks the influence in the country more radical Islamic groups, although the majority of Indonesians are moderate Muslims but seem to prefer the radicalization of ideas rather than let everyone express as you want. 

To get an idea of how religion divides in Indonesia say that about 85 percent of the 240 million people professing Islam Indonesia. Each in their own way and each in their level of belief and freedom. Some, unfortunately, a minority, do not want people to live in freedom. 

A pity why until now about 60,000 tickets had been sold for the concert that Lady Gaga was going to offer in the Bung Karno stadium in Jakarta, the largest by capacity of its Asian tour. Some 60,000 people with intelligence and freedom of expression will have to wait to see her another time. 

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