David Hasselhoff, upset with Marvel for not signing him as Nick Fury

http://www.peliblog.com/images/headlines/headline23422.jpgIn an interview with Movieline website, actor David Hasselhoff has left some of his best pearls in the interview to promote participation in the movie "Piranha 3D 2", which is outraged by not signing him with Marvel to play Nick Fury.

The actor who, at the time and with better shape if we can speak, was "Baywatch" wanted to make clear who was the best Nick Fury and how life, in a very subtle and philosophical, we is showing that people lie and that he is suffering the consequences.
Some time ago, David Hasselhoff had gotten into the skin of the character in the 1998 television movie "Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD". At that time, the comics writer and editor Stan Lee said: "You are the ultimate Nick Fury". On the other hand, the producer, Avi Arad writer and actor said, "Do not worry, you will be Nick Fury forever". To which the actor added in the interview: "And they lied. But that always happens. That's when you realize that life is not fair".
http://www.ecartelera.com/images/noticias/fotos/10800/10880/1.jpgThe tireless driver of KITT in "Knight Rider" seem to realize now that all is not gold that glitters and lies come and go and come from all corners and all the people who can go around in their life. Better late than never but do not know if these comments will serve to metaphysical change something in your life.

Referring to the role of Samuel L. Jackson in the film, David said: "I have not seen The Avengers. I love Sam Jackson, but you know ... my Nick Fury Nick Fury was organic was written and spoken with Stan Lee before anyone came there to change it. Nick Fury was written to be ironic, and have a cigar in his mouth, was a tough guy, was great.". His egotism is evident and growing all the time of the interview, so much so that says her character is of a higher level than he plays than Nick Fury Samuel L. Jackson.
But the actor does not give up, so it leaves open a possible twinning with a second part of the film: "I had fun playing Nick Fury. And if you ever come back and had a brother Nick Fury ... Dick Fury? ... I would be there". There will be patient with him.

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