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Disney will release "Finding Nemo 2" in 2015

Finding Nemo, Nemo, Dory, Disney, Pixar, Hollywood, cartoons, cinema, film, moviesDisney and Pixar have released an official statement on the release of the second part of "Finding Nemo", which is expected to be in 2015. This time the main character of the movie will be one of the most charismatic of the original film.


Guillermo del Toro is preparing a dark "Pinocchio" director Guillermo del Toro is ready to shoot one of the classic children's film, "Pinocchio". But this may not be typical Disney film, the director thinks the original story and show cruel puppet created by writer Carlo Collodi.


"Frankenweenie," the new animated film of Tim Burton
Tim Burton returns to the fray with a new animated film short that it came true in 1984, but this time the director has thought proper to do so put your imagination and feature new technologies to the best of their ability to create. The result: "Frankenweenie".