Gerard Depardieu is Jules Rimet in film history of FIFA

Gerard Depardieu, France, Russia, cinema, Obelix, movies, filmGerard Depardieu has a new film project which will be in charge of playing Jules Rimet in the movie that will discuss the history of the International Football Federation (FIFA).

The Russian actor Gerard Depardieu, yes, we know he's French but since has renounced his french citizenship and in January 2013 gave him Russian nationality; already to work with a new film that will have to interpret Jules Rimet, third president of FIFA, from 1921 to 1954, and creator of the first FIFA World Cup in 1930.

Gerard Depardieu, France, Russia, cinema, Obelix, movies, film
The film, which currently has the working title of "F2014", will be directed by French filmmaker Frédéric Auburtin. It will address the history of football's governing body, the International Football Federation (FIFA) and discover the human story of the creation, in 1904, of the largest sports federation in the world.

There are two writers who are taking care of the story, the novelist Jean Paul Delfino and the own director Frederic Auburtin. Produced by Thelma Films and Leuviah Films will begin shooting of the film in June 2013. They are looking exterior places in Europe, Africa and South America. We imagine that some of these recordings will take place in Brazil that hosts the World Cup in 2014.

Now we can breathe easy after solve the big question of why the actor Gerard Depardieu was in the ceremony of the Golden Ball 2012 invited by the organization's current president Joseph Blatter. Hopefully, at least, has taken note and carefully study the role of what he has to do. Jules Rimet is an illustrious president, he is not Obelix.

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