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Universal denies that Emma Watson participates in "Fifty shades of Grey"

Emma Watson, cinema, Hollywood, Harry Potter, film, moviesUniversal Studios has had to deny urgently that actress Emma Watson will not star in the erotic trilogy "50 shades of Grey" after Anonymous had revealed that she would be present in them.


"Jurassic Park 4" will be released in June 2014

Jurassic Park, Hollywood, cinema, film, Steven SpielbergThe Hollywood film studios, Universal Pictures, announced in a statement Saturday that the fourth part of the series "Jurassic Park" will hit U.S. theaters in June 2014. It will be involved Steven Spielberg.


Universal announces new sequel of "Chucky, the devil doll"
After several rumors about a possible remake of the classic "Chucky, the evil doll" has been reported that this year will start production of "The Curse of Chucky", which will be a sequel to the film shot in 2004.


Paul Walker ("The Fast and the Furious") signed for three films with Universal two are enough and three's a crowd that is not what to think about the American actor Paul Walker, star of the film series "The Fast and the Furious", has just signed three films with Universal, so it becomes in the cash cows of gold from Universal Pictures.