Penelope Cruz, the new muse of Nespresso

http://www.mercado.com.ar/public/imagenes/0000036520.jpgPenelope Cruz is not enough to have starred in the 2013 Campari calendar, to be the new face of Loewe, who also just joined the Nespresso brand campaign to become the new brand ambassador of coffee.

The Nespresso coffee capsules brand wanted to go a little beyond what is its usual brand and after conquering the world with the image of American actor George Clooney now it is the turn of Spanish actress Penelope Cruz to further strengthen plus the European origin of the brand. 

That the followers of George Clooney not tear the garments that Penelope Cruz will not replace the actor in this new campaign to strengthen the brand, nothing like that. Cruz has been signed to strengthen the brand Nespresso in the U.S. market that began advertising earlier this year in the United States and is having a great sales success.

In the opinion of the vice president of marketing in the U.S. Nespresso, Franz Niedermair, on incorporating Penelope Cruz to coffee brand: "Now we are excited to proceed to the second phase, using a celebrity not only allows us to stay true our European heritage, but also the ideal of elegance and sophistication that the brand represents".

Not that the announcement of Penelope Cruz expresses the same as Clooney or give that touch of humor that the actor he usually does, Cruz seems to be rather the instruction manual of the Nespresso coffee stating sophisticated features of the machine. With an English accent which still has to improve a little more, just a little. Just do not know if that matters most is to see the coffee machine or see her, beautiful and elegant, announcing that product. 

It is a more serious advertisement. Try to give a different feel of elegance and glamor. According Niedermair: "It allows us to accentuate our European origin and simultaneously highlight the elegance and sophistication of the brand characteristics".

Remember that although today announced Penelope Cruz in a more elegant and sophisticated ads like Loewe or Campari, the actress had appeared in American advertising with a Coca-Cola where he could demonstrate his little elegance and become the first actress in an ad belching after having to drink three bottles for everyone before such guttural noise. 

We will have to wait a while to see if the Americans will be attracted by the exotic Spanish actress and if this will affect the sales growth of coffee capsules. For now, here is the announcement. View and comment what this does.

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