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The French reality show "Koh-Lanta" becomes damn

TF1, Koh-Lanta, France, television, program, reality showThe French reality show of survival "Koh-Lanta" is news again by another tragic death on television. This time it was the physician of the program found dead after committing suicide. With this are two people dead, the first was a contestant.


Gerard Depardieu is Jules Rimet in film history of FIFA

Gerard Depardieu, France, Russia, cinema, Obelix, movies, filmGerard Depardieu has a new film project which will be in charge of playing Jules Rimet in the movie that will discuss the history of the International Football Federation (FIFA).


Gerard Depardieu would accept Brazilian passport

Gerard Depardieu, cinema. film, Obélix, France, RussiaGerard Depardieu, having starred in one of the many bizarre situations he has starred in his native France, continues in his efforts to make collection of nationalities and passports in the world. Now it is the turn to Brazil.


Paul McCartney, awarded of the Legion of Honor of France

"Sir" Paul McCartney returns to be awarded this time by the French government with the medal of the Legion of Honor of the French nation. The services of the French Ministry have commented, as reasons to give the musician the distinction, his "work" and "commitment" in the defense of the environment.