Mickey Mouse returns with short films for television

Mickey Mouse, cartoons, Disney, HollywoodMickey Mouse returns to television from his Clubhouse Disney with 19 shorts. Thus the most famous mouse of cartoon factory leaves his retirement in children's channels to return to the forefront of today in the XXI century.

It was beginning to be an injustice that the cartoon character that has given more fame to the Disney factory, he was away from everything in a forced retirement, only relegated to children's channels being company of the smallest in the house. Mickey Mouse returns to the small screen.

Although episodes of the character created by Walt Disney in 1928 will be released on June 28, Disney has offered a preview of how will be the 19 episodes, we will hopefully make many more, of the XXI Century Mickey Mouse.

The short film premiered at Scoop that is titled "Mickey Mouse - Croissant de Triomphe", where a cheerful Minnie Mouse in a Parisian cafe serves some well known clients. At the time of distributing orders, Minnie runs out of bread and croissants. Mickey is responsible for taking them to the cafeteria, but not before overcoming all kinds of obstacles.

Mickey Mouse, cartoons, Disney, Hollywood
The characters, Mickey, Minnie and Daisy, which makes a small cameo, are drawn in the style of the early '30s. Thanks to them we will visit New York, Venice, Tokyo, the Alps or Santa Monica, but keeping the "essence" of the adventures of Mickey in the 30s. In future editions will also Donald Duck, Daisy, Pluto and Goofy.

The short films have been directed and produced by Paul Rudish (Dexter's Laboratory). Was accompanied and assisted by Aaron Springer (SpongeBob) and Clay Morrow (Sons of Anarchy).

Bob Iger, CEO of Walt Disney Co., said in an interview on television network CNBC that animated shorts films go back to the days of founder Walt Disney, and seek to accentuate the playful qualities of Mickey. "Over time, we think that maybe Mickey lost some of those qualities naughty or innocent, that vitality that people came to see him. So we decided to bring him back."

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