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Muse revealed the title of their new album, "Drones"

muse, rock, drones
Muse, the English alternative rock band, after getting our curiosity was rising, uploading different photos and videos to social networks, has unveiled what will be the title of his new album, "Drones".


Matt Bellamy talks about the new Muse album

Muse, music, United Kingdom, RockThe leader of the British band Muse, Matt Bellamy, commented that the next album of the group will be a radical change in reference to the album released in 2012, 'The 2nd Law', comparing it with a "comedown" of their musical ambitions and live concerts.


Muse premieres their film in November

Muse, music, UK, RockBritish band Muse has set a date for the premiere of his film that will try on one of their concerts performed during the tour this year 2013. A film that will allow at their followers experience at its maximum expression, a feeling never seen so far.