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Lindsay Lohan escapes jail again

Lindsay Lohan, television, cinema, Hollywood, Los Angeles, New York, film, moviesActress Lindsay Lohan is back to escape from jail, yet again, after her lawyer has reached an agreement with the judge of a court in Los Angeles. Still, she has to meet a number of conditions that have been imposed mandatorily and she will have to meet if she doesn't wants jail time.


Lady GaGa's former assistant offers her side of story in Court Depositions

Lady Gaga, music, pop music, diva of pop, Mother MonsterLady GaGa and her former assistant has had to face in the Court Depositions as the possible consequences of false accusations that the singer has said about her at the time of firing. The former assistant demands to Mother Monster the whopping amount of $ 393,000.


Lindsay Lohan back to court

Lindsay Lohan, Hollywood, cinema, film, arrestLindsay Lohan adds to her travel guide another visit to court, this time requested by the judge of Los Angeles on her sports car crash into a truck on a road in Hollywood.


Lindsay Lohan arrested for fighting at a club in New York Lindsay Lohan has once again been arrested following a fight, among other reasons, which took place at a club in New York. Her police record continues to rise and since 2007 when she was arrested in California for driving while intoxicated.


Lady Gaga donates one million dollars to the victims of Hurricane Sandy Gaga again proves that not only can sing and do all her fans crazy wherever she performs a concert, but also promises to help the person who needs it. Mother Monster has been placed at the foot of New York to give a hearty support.


David Bisbal acoustic tour will begin in New York Bisbal has already prepared his acoustic tour that will take over land in the United States and Canada that will begin in the city of New York in October.


Russell Crowe rescued after missing with his kayak
The dangers of the sea and the danger of the dark of night when sailing on any ship, no matter how skilled you may be, may be the cause that ultimately ends up being "rescued.". What happened to the actor Russell Crowe this weekend to go out and enjoy your kayak off the coast of New York.


Patti Smith presents her new album "Banga" in New York!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_370/image.jpg
Patti Smith presents her eleventh album in New York after spending eight years in relative silence and have written, in 2010, a memoir book called "Just Kids" which was awarded the National Book Award in America.


Comedy Awards Nominees 2012 2012 Oscars are over and we know the winners in all categories, but this is not the end to the awards ceremonies artists, directors, producers, writers and others. The films are in progress for half the world theaters and continue to receive awards. In this case it is the turn to comedy in Comedy Awards ceremony to be held in late April.


The Jonas Brothers would meet this month to prepare new album
The middle brother of the band Jonas Brothers said: "I'll be in New York when Nick is doing some things on Broadway, so maybe the return of the Jonas Brothers are very close." The rumors are getting stronger for a possible return of the band of three brothers Jonas.


Lady Gaga goes to New York in 2012 part of the world had entered in 2012 and another had just come in, in New York still remained a few hours for that to happen. Several hours before they were already celebrating from the world-famous Times Square. Hosts for welcoming the new year: New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and New York singer Lady Gaga.