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Wesley Snipes signed for "The Expendables 3"

Wesley Snipes, cinema, Hollywood, The ExpendablesWesley Snipes has been the latest addition, for the moment, for the third part of "The Expendables" where he will join at familiar faces of Hollywood action movies. A good gift for good behavior.


Sylvester Stallone backs banning assault weapons

Sylvester Stallones, Rambo, Rocky, The Expendables, cinema, film, HollywoodGradually the heroes of action movies, begin to express their feelings about the possible abolition of certain firearms in the United States after the events. One of those voices is Sylvester Stallone.


Jackie Chan will participate in "The Expendables 3"

Jackie Chan, Hollywood, cinema, The ExpendablesJackie Chan has confirmed in a press conference that will participate in the third installment of "The Expendables" and he will be the first of the actors confirmed what is already considered the "saga of retirees". You can imagine why.