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Helen Mirren comes true the dream of a terminally ill child

Helen Mirren, cinema, theater, London, United Kingdom, The Queen, Elizabeth IIHelen Mirren has become, once again, and for a very worthy cause in the Queen Elizabeth II of England to realize the dream of a child suffering from terminal cancer. 


Heavy metal becomes university degree

University of Nottingham, London, United Kingdom, University, Nottingham, studies, heavy metalThe University of Nottingham, UK, will be responsible for training future heavy metal musicians, in addition to knowing how to play and sing, they will end up with a university career. Something more than they can presume when they go out on stage.


Justin Bieber hospitalized after running out of air at a concert in London

Justin Bieber, music, London, BelieveJustin Bieber had to be assisted by the medical services for respiratory problems that the singer suffered during his concert in London. In the break he had to administer oxygen but returned to the stage against the decision of the doctors.


Tom Cruise is own Trafalgar Square Cruise is back to do the impossible and not because he is shooting a new film in the series "Mission Impossible" but because Cruise has managed to completely empty and London's famous Trafalgar Square for his next film.


London silences Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney organizers of the "Hard Rock Calling" organized in Hyde Park in London, do not let her finish the Bruce Springsteen concert because it had exceeded half hour of the scheduled time, so those present could not enjoy the end of the party as the Boss ended the concert playing and singing with former Beatles Paul McCartney.


London 2012 tried to hire Keith Moon, drummer of The Who died in 1978
The Olympic Games or the Olympics are often great events of different nature such as the sports, musical or cultural but apparently has not yet created an Olympiad of intelligence or, at least, local general culture. London 2012 promoters are in it after the huge mistake they have made to the closing of the Olympics.


Jamie Waylett, Crabbe in "Harry Potter", was arrested for the riots in London when you pigeonhole an actor to play characters villains in films, they do up in real life. That's what has happened to actor Jamie Waylett who has been arrested and sentenced to two years in prison for the riots occurred in London taking to the streets of a neighborhood in London on August 8.


Winners of the 2012 Brit Awards and international music has become a dress up to receive, on this occasion, the Brit Awards 2012, and those who already know the names of the artists awarded in each of their categories.


BAFTA Nominations 2012
You could consider the British Oscar, as with the prelude to the Oscars with the Golden Globes, just to present the nominees for the BAFTA 2012 or what is the same, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards 2012.


Brit Awards Nominees 2012 events to deliver prizes in all fields of culture continues its pace and this time it's the turn of the Brit Awards to be held at the O2 Arena in London on Tuesday February 21 and is broadcast live on ITV1.