Justin Bieber hospitalized after running out of air at a concert in London

Justin Bieber, music, London, BelieveJustin Bieber had to be assisted by the medical services for respiratory problems that the singer suffered during his concert in London. In the break he had to administer oxygen but returned to the stage against the decision of the doctors.

Canadian singer Justin Bieber continues his streak of bad times since the year began. After being booed out a few days ago for going out two hours late to the stage in the first of his concerts in London and be fined with 300,000 pounds by this altercation, last night, in his second concert in the British capital, had to be hospitalized for suffering a dizzy spell almost no oxygen while he was acting on stage.

The singer seems gasped when he sang a song and had to leave the stage to be examined by doctors and administer oxygen during the 20 minutes that lasted the break before going on stage again against warnings that advised physicians him. At the end of the concert, Bieber was taken to the hospital to continue the recognition and stay overnight in the hospital.

In a video recorded one of her followers, we can see the representative discussing what happened at the concert in London: "Emergency equipment was given him oxygen. He insisted on finishing the concert when he felt bad. In the time left to tread the stage was taken to hospital". He added: "Maybe not do many jumps. You have to be patient with us, we do not want to be disrespectful, we do not want you to leave home late, we tried to organize a good show for the people who love him".

Justin Bieber, music, London, Believe, hospital
Just be hospitalized, Justin Bieber did not hesitate a moment to send a message via his Twitter account: "getting better. thanks for everyone pulling me thru tonight. best fans in the world. figuring out what happened. thanks for the love". In addition, the singer posted a picture in which he is seen lying on a bed and with bare-chested, and perhaps entirely naked, with headphones on his head and posing as "Maja desnuda" (The Nude Maja) by Spanish painter Francisco de Goya.

The photo, as usual, has been seen by the vast majority of their fans around the world receiving messages of all kinds. Some think that this is a publicity stunt to gain sympathy for the singer to have received the boos by the great failure that he had in the previous concert in London. Others think that what has happened is true, something we doubt seeing in what situation photo was taken in the hospital.

This photo originates thousand and one questions both among fans and among his detractors. Is necessary that Justin Bieber must have to be almost naked while in the hospital to give a checkup? Is the Canadian singer playing with her ​​health after publication the big parties that he organizes with his new friends and catching him smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol? Is Justin Bieber playing with the feelings of his fans and lying in order to sell more records and remain popular for everyone forget his failures since the beginning of 2013?

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