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In memoriam of the victims of the attack in Boston

United States, Boston, attack, pray for Boston, 2013Serious terrorist attack on the finish of the Boston Marathon, considered the biggest sporting event in the world. From this humble blog, total rejection of violence and support for the families of those killed and injured.


Noel Gallagher attacks Justin Bieber

Noel Gallagher, Oasis, musicNoel Gallagher wanted to give his critical view on the Canadian singer Justin Bieber and the delay of two hours he had in the first concert in London which has brought a barrage of criticism from the British media.


The FBI closes Megaupload, Anonymous Strikes few hours ago that the FBI has closed the Megaupload download site and arrested the founder and the Members of the administration of the web but no retaliation has been swift and both social networks and in various websites nortemaricanas, everyone has said their opinion.