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Brad Pitt prepares the sequel of "World War Z"

Brad Pitt, film, World War Z, actor, cinema, HollywoodBrad Pitt does not want to miss the gold mine of theme of zombies in cinema, becoming them owners of the world. Seeing the success that has been obtained with World War Z, the actor is already immersed in the sequel. But before all that, he has to do homework in the presentation of his new film in Toronto.


Colombian actor beaten up for being the evil of a soap opera

Bastidas Mauritius, Colombia, soap opera, singer, actor, television, musicColombian actor Mauricio Bastidas had surgery after being beaten up by four men for being the evil of a success soap opera that airs on Colombia.


Justin Bieber wants to be a big movie star Bieber wants to expand horizons. Besides being a singer with numerous hits and mass youth idol, Justin wants to become an actor, not any actor but a great movie star.