Justin Bieber cheats his fans to promote his new music video

Justin Bieber has played with the sentiments of all his fans to simulate the theft of your laptop and personal files to promote her new music video from the album "Believe" published today in scoop and entitled "Beauty and a Beat".

The Canadian singer, teen idol hardcore followers of all the world, it seems that since he has turned 18 years has become a very naughty boy and likes to play with the feelings of his fans above all to promote his singles and videos third album "Believe".

We all remember the news a few days ago, the theft of a laptop from the singer who was in the office of his manager while performing in a concert. Inside the device, according to Justin Bieber, had files, photos and personal videos that he would not want to see anyone. Justin sad and depressed he was telling the media that started while the hearts of their fans with a baby face good and not hurt a fly in his life.

Displays of affection were appearing in the messages Twitter account Canadian singer, although messages appeared of the alleged thief threatening to publish such material Bieber staff.

All false! The plot of the material stolen Justin Bieber has proved a farce to promote the singer's third video titled "Beauty and a Beat" where the singer Nicki Minaj is collaborating.

As you can see at the beginning of the video, shown on a black background in white letters that read: "In October 2012 three hours of personal footage was stolen from musician Justin Bieber (...) The following footage was illegally uploaded by an anonymous blogger.". And from here are brief recordings of Justin Bieber on the phone in his trailer, or as team members do silly things in front of the camera, you can also see a brief image of the game that Justin Bieber is promoting too, plus glimpses of other "stolen". From there, begins his argument videoclip full of party young boy who has finished the first year of college where music is no missing, water, drinks, pool and girls throughout the grounds.

Of course it will be a hit between crazy fans who have seen their favorite singer has gone from being the victim of a simulated robbery, to which they have come to be the victims of a practical joke to promote his new music video. While waiting for what his next "mischief" or following news to continue promoting his album worldwide.

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