Justin Bieber visit to a fan who has cancer

Justin Bieber news again but this time for a good cause, really very good, if you can say this. The Canadian singer has taken time from his busy schedule to make a gesture that honors him, visit to a fan who has cancer.

His fans say about him that he is the perfect guy. His girlfriend, Selena Gomez, we think that she says the same thing. Those who know him well say he is a guy that they can talk and go on party, kid friendly, pleasant and good-hearted. And the latter is really true.

Justin Bieber came on Monday at Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton, Canada, before a concert. Leveraging that he was near the place, Justin was living with children who are admitted to the center and meet one of his fans, Crystal Amber Montgomery, who became the star of the day and his Twitter.

Crystal, 18, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma earlier this year, and soon will undergo surgery to amputate her left arm.

To learn a little what is osteosarcoma, we say that is a cancerous bone tumor (malignant) more common in children and the average age at diagnosis is 15 years of age. Boys and girls are equally likely to develop this tumor until late adolescence. Osteosarcoma tends to emerge in the shin bones (near the knee), thigh (near the knee) and arm (near the shoulder). The latter is that it has developed by Crystal. 

Putting aside the medical part of Crystal's disease, this surprise would not have been possible without the help of one of the friends of the 18-year-old girl, Joana Antunes, who joined forces and moved heaven and earth through her Facebook account for the singer take out five minutes from his busy schedule and visit to Crystal.

For Justin Bieber to realize the great feat, Joana wrote on her account: "Crystals family and friends, including myself, have contacted every radio station in Edmonton, newspaper and TV station with barely any replies to help me in my quest to help Crystal achieve her dream of meeting you".

"I know that this is almost impossible, but you're the one who says to believe. So here I am believing. It would mean the world to Crystal if you stopped even 5 minutes to see her, since she is too sick to leave the hospital and attend the concert like her and I had originally planned. She is one of your biggest fans, even having your poster in her hospital room."

We know that Justin Bieber is completely devoted to their fans and more if they are going through a bad time in their life, especially if they are sick, that is why the singer did not hesitate a moment and the moment before he met Crystal, Justin wrote on his Twitter account: "now off to do something that matters. #giveback".

And so it was. Justin met Crystal for a few minutes in a room of the Cross Cancer Institute making her forget, for a moment, this terrible disease and causing a smile that lit up the face of Crystal.

Justin took a picture with her and posted it on his Twitter account thanking their more than 29 million fans this meeting with Crystal with the hashtag #BieberforCrystal. Crystal appreciated the visit of his idol in an interview with the Toronto Sun: "He’s amazing, he’s an inspiration. To see him be such a mega-star but so willing to help people, and he’s just such a great person.".

Thus Justin Bieber leaves behind the ordeal that he went through just last month when he learned of the death of Avalanna Routh, a 6-year-old singer's number one fan, which was diagnosed with a rare cancer.

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