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Lady Gaga has delayed several concerts for suffering synovitis

Lady Gaga, Mother Monster, Pop diva, music, concert, tour, Born this way tour, 2013Lady Gaga said in a statement that the singer suffers an inflammation in the joints that prevents her from walking: Because of this ailment has had to cancel several concerts of the tour that takes her around the world for more than two years.


Lady GaGa's former assistant offers her side of story in Court Depositions

Lady Gaga, music, pop music, diva of pop, Mother MonsterLady GaGa and her former assistant has had to face in the Court Depositions as the possible consequences of false accusations that the singer has said about her at the time of firing. The former assistant demands to Mother Monster the whopping amount of $ 393,000.


Lady Gaga wants Michael Jackson's mansion

Lady Gaga, pop diva, music, Mother MonsterLady Gaga is news again and this time for wanting to keep alive the spirit and music of her namesake, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Especially his spirit and his name as the pop diva bought 55 items a few weeks ago that went to auction. Mother Monster also has another major project in mind and that is named Jacko.


Lady Gaga will offer mental therapy at her concerts

Lady Gaga, Mother Monster, Born This Way, pop musicLady Gaga continues in her efforts to help anyone who has problems especially if they are her followers. For that reason, Mother Monster has decided that her next tour will offer mental therapy to all who need it before her concerts.


In 2013, "Lady Gaga: The documentary"

Lady Gaga, music, pop, Mother Monster, little monsters, Artpop2012 is not over yet and we already have a scoop of Lady Gaga for 2013. The Mother Monster announced to all monsters that she is filming a documentary about her life and her career in which, probably, will not leave any details to discover.


Lady Gaga spends Thanksgiving with sexually abused little girls Gaga wanted to enjoy and provide a Thanksgiving Day special and rewarding in every way surrounded by "new friends" and support, once again, to the weakest. This time it was in Peru and a group of sexually abused little girls.


Lady Gaga donates one million dollars to the victims of Hurricane Sandy Gaga again proves that not only can sing and do all her fans crazy wherever she performs a concert, but also promises to help the person who needs it. Mother Monster has been placed at the foot of New York to give a hearty support.


Lady Gaga will have her own brand of bottled water Gaga wants to expand her empire Gaga worldwide. Besides giving advice to everyone and protect the weak, to seize all her fans in her own social network created to keep everyone in touch, the singer has decided that we should all be very healthy. That is why her latest idea is to create her own brand of bottled water.


Yoko Ono awarded the peace prize to Lady Gaga
John Lennon's widow has awarded the Peace Prize to the singer Lady Gaga, the Russian punk band Pussy Riot and other celebrities for peace on the same day the former component Beatles would have turned 72 years old.


Lady Gaga suffers "Justin Bieber Syndrome" at concert in Barcelona Gaga meets with the public in the city of Barcelona making excellent hang in a special concert in which there was no lack of anything between rhythm, dance, muscular dancers, flashing lights and colors, movements of the pop diva, but also Unfortunately there were occasional knew that Mother Monster solved without any problem.


Barcelona surrenders at the feet of Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga has been in Barcelona for the only concert in Spain, where, once again she has had her "little monsters" surrendered to the feet of the pop diva has given everything for happy just to have each one of her followers, praising them at every time.


Madonna makes her concert in Tel Aviv, at a summit of Middle East peace has offered her first concert of the world tour "MDNA" in Tel Aviv, Israel, turning her musical show in a message of peace to the Middle East. Although she took the stage accompanied the stage armed men splashed with blood.


Lady Gaga is banned in Indonesia by radical Islamists
The pop diva Lady Gaga has had to cancel the concert that was scheduled for June 3 in Jakarta, Indonesia, following threats from radical Islamists Indonesians to show their opposition to the concert by "representing Satan".


A cup of Lady Gaga auctioned for 57,000 euros (75,137.50 dollars) life and achievements should be drunk in small sips and small cup. That's what must have thought the singer Lady Gaga to drink from a cup in Japan, during a press conference in June last year. Today has been auctioned and the proceeds will go to an organization for victims of the tsunami that hit northeastern Japan in March 2011.


Lady Gaga talks about her former drug addiction fashion of the famous for having all or most of the best kept secrets of his life, on television, like a program of confessions they were emerging effect. Some have all their secrets at once on a hit show and other famous chapters do so, as is the case of Lady Gaga in a recent interview.


Lady Gaga has her own social network crazy over the eccentric New York singer Lady Gaga, in addition to preparing a world tour and new songs, has just launched a social network where you can gather all their "monsters" to have a "home" where you can share everything about his idol.


Lady Gaga will make a cameo in "Men In Black 3" Lady Gaga appeared in the musical world around the world wondered if the New York singer was a being from another planet by their clothes and their performance both in music and in their concerts, in fact, matched, Lady Gaga is an alien and will demonstrate in an upcoming movie.


Lady Gaga reveals the first dates of her 2012 Tour
Lady Gaga has announced her world tour "Born This Way Ball" and which will have 110 dates planned for almost 2 years with the tour expected to last throughout the world. It has also confirmed the first ten dates of the tour.


"Lady GaGa is raw, fresh, ballsy, very talented" seems the never ending story, each day come new news or new comments from both singers saying nice things or leaving the mouth toads but Madonna and Lady Gaga always have something to tell. This time it was the singer with more experience that Gaga has spoken of but with good words and that is what is implied in an interview on the BBC chat.


Lady Gaga announces album for 2012"Mother Monster" does not rest a moment. If 2011 was a year full of concerts, most record signings, interviews and even go to the White House to talk about rights, 2012 will not be short for New York singer who has confirmed a new album this year 2012 .