George Michael suffered amnesia due to pneumonia

http://elmundo.com.sv/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/george-michael.jpgAfter late 2011, singer George Michael had to be admitted by emergency severe pneumonia at the Hospital of Vienna, has revealed he suffered several weeks of amnesia during their stay in hospital.

It was not the best moment of his life, precisely when George Michael suffered a severe pneumonia that kept him away from the stage for some time and that nearly cost him his life because his life was in danger. 

The British singer, who at that time was on tour with the tour Symphonica, commented further that he had to learn to walk again after discharge from worn muscles. That does not mean that you forget to walk but just spent a long time in bed unable to move, something very normal in these situations. "When I got up and was like a weak old man" , said Michael. 

Three weeks Michael became ill of pneumonia seriously, began to feel the first symptoms and a temperature rise that forced him to cancel his concert at the Royal Albert Hall, London.

http://img.emol.com/2012/07/18/georgemichaelefe600_104416.jpgIn an interview with BBC Radio 2, Goerge Michael has confessed: "One evening I was having lunch and suddenly I started feeling really weird, I told everyone I was going to bed half an hour and that's the last I remember of the following five weeks.".

As usual in such cases and diseases, George Michael has launched, via Youtube, the video clip of the song "White Light" which, as you might guess from the title song, is about near-death experiences, which appears next to the model Kate Moss. A very dynamic song with great rhythm to forget those bad moments lived. 

According to his label, Universal Music, George Michael is planning an EP whose first song is "White Light" which goes on sale on 12 August, which included two remixes and an unreleased version of  "Song to the Siren", originally written and performed by Tim Bluckley. 

But this will not be there but George Michael is planning to do a special concert for the doctors who were treating the severe pneumonia and ended up saving his life. It plans to act on the closure of the London Olympics.

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