Sofia Vergara shows her potential in "Machete Kills"

http://moviesblog.mtv.com//wp-content/uploads/movies/2012/07/Sofia-Vergara.jpegSofia Vergara is located in the filming of the sequel to "Machete", entitled "Machete Kills" in which the Colombian actress shows her potential as an actress and as a woman, surrounded by, well, a good potential but some actors now of dubious reputation.

Thanks to a video that Manolo, the 18 year old son of actress Sofia Vergara, has put online on his reality show "My Life with Harlem Renaissance", we take a look at filming the sequel to "Machete" directed by Mexican film director Robert Rodriguez. Although not seen much of his mother acts as his son suggests that it has gone very well during the visit he made ​​to the movie set.

http://www.cinemablend.com/images/news/31738/Sneak_Peek_Sofia_Vergara_Machete_Kills_1341511704.jpgRegarding the film's official argument, since all it really know for sure is to be the president of the USA to hire Machete's character to perform a dangerous mission that will take you to confront a villain as James Bond and threatens nuclear attack. 

Sophia will not be alone as in the cast of "Machete Kills" is complemented by Mel Gibson, who plays the villain of the film, Charlie Sheen, who plays the U.S. President and also will feature the sensuality of other actresses like Amber Heard, Zoe Saldana, Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez. Although it will be very difficult to look as sexy as Vergara teach after his whip. 

In the film, Sofia Vergara will play the madam of a brothel, a leather dominatrix with a fearsome reputation which she called Desdemona make things very difficult for Machete, played by Danny Trejo.

http://www.celebrityfashionista.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/sofia-vergara-Valentino-Techno-Couture-Strapless-Jumpsuit.jpgWith the series "Modern Family", Sofia Vergara has come to be known worldwide after being soap opera actress in her native Colombia, and have done several commercials. She has been nominated twice for Golden Globes for her role as Gloria in the series that aired on American television network ABC. The Colombian has gradually been expanding in the world of movies playing characters that do quite repetitive. And you can imagine what kind of characters she'd made.

Before seeing her playing the role of Desdemona in "Machete Kills", we have seen in "The Smurfs" in "New Year's Eve" and soon we will see in "The Three Stooges".

Will next be seen her in the July issue of Vanity Fair magazine of Spain where a spectacular Sofia Vergara, about to turn 40, is dressed in Valentino. "I'm sorry for the
actresses in their twenties that compare to me. If I were that age I would "brave" I up against their old forty one", said Sofia in the interview that she did in the magazine.

Is still unknown release date but it appears to hit theaters around the world throughout 2013.

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