A fire at a Metallica concert in Mexico causes two injured

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-i3rIFPwhVmw/Tyjs3dVWTVI/AAAAAAAAAlo/atiEXNVtNas/s1600/metallica.jpgThe concert that the thrash metal band originating from Los Angeles, Metallica, began with very bad start as a result of a failure in one of the pyrotechnic devices that were on stage and causing two of the show's technicians were injured with major burns.

Both singers and groups from any musical style give everything on stage and always say, wherever they go, they will do the best show that people have never seen in the place. And it seems that the band Metallica has taken it very seriously at the concert held last Saturday at the Palacio de Deportes (Sport Palace) in Mexico City DF.

Metallica announced a show full of laser lights, pyrotechnics and explosions. And they did. By the time the group began performing the song "Enter Sandman", a chain of explosions and fireworks, which were all provided in the recital, began to look and feel across the stage. So far everything right and everything was amazing enough to leave open-mouthed to the 22,000 Mexicans who were currently in the sports arena. 

And awe fell over the people who was there when they saw running across the stage on fire a man believing that all that belonged to the show. But not, it was not any performance organized by the group. It was nothing less than a few of the technicians of the show that had caught fire because of a problem with one of the grids where they had huge flares occur causing the technical clothing caught fire and they had to leave running in flames from one end to another stage without anyone noticing it. 

Until after a few seconds the lead singer of Metallica, James Hetfield shouted "Stop, stop!" and immediately left the other technical help of two colleagues who were on fire on stage. 

Two technicians injured were taken on stretchers and after a few minutes of the accident, the show went on as if nothing had happened, with songs such as "Ecstasy of Gold", "Creeping Death", "For Whom The Bell Tolls", "Fuel", "Ride the Lightning", "Memory Remains" and "Sad but True".

"It's good to see them again. They missed us? We you too. We're back in Mexico to take all eight concerts.". Thus the singer triggered the adrenaline of the Palacio de Deportes public enjoyed throughout the concert. 

James Hetfield announced that the concert tour that will take them to Mexico, the U.S. and Canada, will be filmed for a DVD in 3D with the group Metallica will commemorate its 31-year career. 

In the video you can see exactly where the fault lies that caused technicians to come out running around the stage on fire and whose flame across the entire stage. A moment of panic at first everyone there thought it was part of the show and then some whistling at the time of the temporary suspension of the concert.

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