First pictures of Naomi Watts as Lady Di

http://img01.lavanguardia.com/2011/10/18/La-actriz-Naomi-Watts_54233196407_51348736062_224_270.jpgThanks to the website of Total Films, today we have seen the first image of actress Naomi Watts characterized as Princess Diana, Lady Di, in the biopic of "people's princess" to be renamed "Diana".

The production company Ecosse Films announced in April the British actress and the Australian national Naomi Watts would be responsible for giving life to the Princess Diana of Wales in the movie "Caught in flight", film directed by German filmmaker Oliver Hirschbiegel , which has signed films like "Downfall" or "Invasion", written by Stephen Jeffreys and final title will be, how could it be otherwise, "Diana".

http://www.ecartelera.com/images/noticias/fotos/11200/11206/1.jpgBased on the play by Stephen Jeffreys "The Libertine", the film will focus on the last two years of life of the princess. During this time, Diana of Wales tried with all her strength to find happiness and to defend all the successes achieved by reaching in its most humane. The tape also tell her secret relationship with the surgeon Hasnat Pakistani Hahn, who is played by Naveen Andrews, and her relationship with Egyptian businessman Dodi Al-Fayed, with whom she had a relationship when both died in a tragic accident in Alma bridge, in Paris.

According to the producer, the film shows how the search and finding true happiness of Princess staff helped her achieve success as an important international activist.

http://ep01.epimg.net/elpais/imagenes/2012/07/03/gente/1341327977_514172_1341421922_sumario_normal.jpgAs had confessed the actress who has just finished shooting "The Impossible" with actor Ewan McGregor: "I am excited is an honor to play the role of a truly remarkable woman, who had a positive and profound impact in many respects", although in initially wanted to reject the role of the princess because she dared to step into the boots of an emblematic figure.

Naomi Watts has been characterized with the same look that had Lady Di before her death. The Australian actress was tested princess costume and makeup did the rest, she has even learned to put the tilt of the head the same side as the Princess of Wales used to. German director Hirschbiegel believes that the "interpretive arsenal" Watts is "suitable" for the role.

Her partner in the film, British actor Naveen Andrews, noted the obvious, and has complimented the actress in her performance: "I do not think anyone else could have done. There is no more.".

The film hits theaters in the spring of 2013, although there are no scheduled dates. Diana of Wales, the "people's princess", would have turned 51 on Monday.

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