Eminem is already working on his next album

http://tanakamusic.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/eminem23452.gifThe Detroit rapper has already begun work on his next studio album, which will be the eighth of his career, but for now has no title, nor has a date planned for release.

Although no one dares to put the release date, Eminem himself makes it clear that that will have the producer, rapper and actor Dr. Dre in the production, as it did with his previous work, the successful "Recovery" on "I need a doctor".

Earlier this year news leaked that the rapper had rejected his second major role on the big screen. This was the film "Southpaw" in which Eminem was going to get into the skin of a boxer. 

However, Eminem decided to reject it to concentrate fully on his new album, which although still in the early stages already assured producer. 

In a radio interview, Eminem says that has already gone further than it may seem at first that "of course" that will Dr. Dre, explaining his method of work.

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_xwv8DIDOGwQ/TJfcT-a-s4I/AAAAAAAAACc/JMWkXPXCxFk/s1600/TopMusicaBlog_EminemBonusRecovery.JPG"I have not done anything with it. Typically, we meet and go in one direction or another depending on how we record and what I feel and all that. I gather a list of songs and then I go in one direction and then left with Dre and fill some of the spaces. He hears and sees what he thinks I'm missing, which lacks the record.", said Eminem.

In addition to being working hard in pre-production and production of his new album, the singer is preparing for his trip to Asia, which will begin in early August. Eminem's new song will be released on August 28 worldwide.

But we know that is not the only thing that Eminem is working, as their record label, Shady Records, is producing the new album from hip-hop band Slaughterhouse, due out on June 12. The rapper, in his work as a producer, adding that their "sponsored" act on the Hot 97's Summer Jam, taking place June 3 in the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.


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