Madonna's project to build a school in Malawi will become a graveyard

One of the fondest wishes of Madonna when she was in Chinkhota, Malawi in 2009 was to build a girls' school so that they could study but the government there has decided not to proceed with the project and turn it into a cemetery.

The singer Madonna, despite her eccentricities by the scenario of half the world, she has always been considered a person of solidarity with others. Which, lately, is very popular among celebrities.

But this time the solidarity of the singer has become really very grim as when Madonna came to cut a ribbon and planting a tree in an opening ceremony in 2009 on land of Malawi, the desire and hopes to build a girls' school that was to cost about $ 15 million, were very high.

Three years after filing this excited project, the place looks more like a quarry mine no to a school for girls. All you can see there is some players kicking a ball, while the remaining activity is completely void.

http://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Guardian/Pix/pictures/2011/1/21/1295637746703/Madonna-in-Malawi-007.jpgAll this has been because of the government of Malawi last year decided to discard the project of the singer to turn the place into something more lurid and macabre turn the place into a cemetery and a monument to all the "heroes" and national scuttle a dream and a project of hundreds of girls. 

Tourism Minister Malawi, Liwimbi Daniel said: "It was a cabinet decision to build acres of heroes on this site.". 

Liwimbi also commented: "Malawi has seen who has done a heroic project of national importance, and those selected by the committee, which will look at everything they did, will be buried here.". 

But it was not the only project that Madonna has done in this country, as the singer has adopted two children from Malawi.

http://blindie.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/madonna-lourdes-malawi-2009.jpgAfter it was announced that plans for the construction of the Academy girls had been discarded, the singer's charity, Raising Malawi, said it was teaming with a nonprofit asocación, buildOn to establish 10 schools in instead. 

This has drawn criticism from the Malawi Education officials on the lack of consultation. The website of the organization Raising Malawi had published the third of these schools had been completed last month. The organization also said it will support scholarships for 10 girls to enable them to attend four years of high school. 

It seems that what was to be a plot to realize hundreds of projects in Malawi lives of girls will become hundreds or thousands of projects of death of "heroes" nationals.

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